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    2013 Member Awards

    Award the forum member above you for what you think they deserve an award for this year. You can be funny, serious, or slightly mean.
  2. Cpt Deluxable

    Halo Cartoon Parody

    These where cool man, keep it up!
  3. Cpt Deluxable

    Walking Dead

    Yo that is scary, and they let them walk in and tried to play it off as if no one was on watch.
  4. Cpt Deluxable

    Embarressing Stories

    one time i was was on my neighbors lawn talking to his daughter, when he looks in my direction and asks how my dads doing, I then said yea my dad doing fine or something along those lines, his daughter starts laughing at me. I then turn back and see he was talking to his neighbor who had come out the door to get a smoke. It was very cringe worthy since the guys dad was really bad off and was in a wheelchair, one part of his brain didnt really work. So embarrassed i tried to deny to his daughter that i said that, she just laughed and laughed. This happened 3rd or 4rth grade, and i still remember like it was yesterday.
  5. Cpt Deluxable

    Just Muckle

    What was that? You want me to beat you in Muckle? lol remember when i made you quit battleblock, and you moved to happy wars
  6. Cpt Deluxable

    One Thousand Monkeys

    984 died from an apple gun
  7. Cpt Deluxable

    Just Muckle

    Cool man cant wait to check it out!
  8. Cpt Deluxable

    What Would You Change?

    It has a use buying weapons but i will be nice if it did something else Yea but that lasted like 2 hours of the game, then we had all the weapons.
  9. Cpt Deluxable

    Shirt Punch

    Yo the captain murica shirt looks beast, but are these shirts good quality? The designs seem really cool though.
  10. Cpt Deluxable

    One Thousand Monkeys

    991 died
  11. Cpt Deluxable

    Shirt Punch

    3 shirts how in the world will you make sure you get one?
  12. Cpt Deluxable


    broccoli!NUFF SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Cpt Deluxable

    See Ya Later.

  14. Cpt Deluxable


    Carne en chile
  15. Cpt Deluxable

    What Would You Change?

    i like being anonymous, I join my friends wearing some random head usually in the top 5 ugly head category, and theyll be like whose the randy with them amazing skills, then i leave before the match ends and join again with another head during the game, and repeat till they find out. Its funny though when your in the same party as them.
  16. Cpt Deluxable

    What Would You Change?

    Stupid because the you would get an easy win
  17. Cpt Deluxable

    Girl Gamers!

  18. Cpt Deluxable

    Three Things That I Am Afraid Of

    1.Torture 2.Loosing loved ones 3.Not going to heaven In no order
  19. Cpt Deluxable

    Farewell 2013! Our 2013 Recap Post

  20. Cpt Deluxable

    New Years Resolutions!

    Dude you look so young though, probably because the hair, how old are you?
  21. Cpt Deluxable

    New Rammy Head!

    Thanks for letting us know.
  22. Cpt Deluxable

    I Got Hacked!

    Cant base that off 1 guy.
  23. Cpt Deluxable

    Purple Bar

    no he isn't a modder. He claimed his spots legit. How do you know?
  24. Cpt Deluxable

    Purple Bar

    Yea i know most the people your talking about but isnt the v pustoboard like a modder? I mean he got number 2 on the leaderboards out of knowhere, same with ball game player match.