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  2. Fun Question: GEE I wonder what the sign-up check box saying ''I am exactly 13 years of age or over'' means?
  3. Gawsh... I wonder what off-topic could possibly mean. Anyways, don't spam smilies. It just annoys the hell out of everyone.
  4. Meeh, it's a regular story. No real need to point it out..
  5. /thread Also, why the hell did you copy my thread title and put KNOW in your title?
  6. Will you stop backseat modding? We don't need you posting that in every thread.
  7. I didn't think it belonged in Game #3, because I thought it was sort of off-topic. But... YEAHH! JEWEL THIEF!!
  8. Jewel Thief Revamped!!! Yes, I decided to put the thread in off-topic.
  9. That would create a time paradox, my friend. Anyway... THIS THREAD HAS BEEN MADE OVER 9000 TIMES!!!
  10. BEHEMOTH LOVES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They also LOVE the person below me.
  11. Sweet, it looks awesome.
  12. no offense, but not really. i arcade sticks I like that controller more.
  13. I think he means if he'll get CC JUST for having a xbox 360. To get CC, you will need 1200 microsoft points and Xbox Live.
  14. Kilik

    You're banned!

    Banned for noticing that the noticing is a lame comeback.
  15. Kilik

    You're banned!

    Banned for vandalism of castles.
  16. You get a piece of paper saying: Why haven't you left yet? *Puts in a pink quarter.
  17. Machine on Coffee Break. Quarter rejected. No refund. *Inserts half a quarter.
  18. And it's got angry eyes. The real Pink Knight is always happy. ALWAYS. Just like the lurker... I wish they sold Pink Knights. It'd be the perfect Valentine Gift.
  19. **Receives Resident Evil 5 Demo It's out on Xbox Live **Inserts Kelly's Quarter
  20. So, many people are having a error saying ''The storage device has been removed or files have been damaged''. Please read the following thread and follow ''Def One'''s link Once you have read the thread and followed the link, follow the instructions on the page. This is the main reason these things are happening. Edit: 365th post! Yeah!
  21. For all having problems like this. Read the following thread and follow the Deaf One's link
  22. This thread: Scroll down a bit. Is that real?