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  1. Hi, i have missed the Wheel prisoners. Anyone have a spare one i could have? GT: pat1994123 thanks
  2. What was his gamertag and if you don't know check your recent players?Only behemoth could confirm this, but if this was true theyd probably not tell us, or you could be lying... ive met a couple of players after i couldnt tell his gamertag, also why would i lie about this
  3. So i was trading with someone and ive quickly seen (because he left after like 1 second after i was trading with him) what star prisoner he had and ive seen a snail head prisoner !!! How the hell did he manage to get it? Hacking it?
  4. All the stars heads are already made and are already in the database. /thread
  5. I think we should be able to switch through weapons just like in castle crashers with LB, it would be much better that way.
  6. is the triangle head with 3 eyes
  7. wow 100% legit i got my chicken within 10 minutes. This guy is amazing!!! Thank again.
  8. i want chicken, GAMERTAG: pat1994123
  9. Ill definitly sell my soul to you for the chicken head and some gems or yarn