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  1. I've heard it's a really good show, but I can't decide if I want to actually watch it. Could someone write a little review of the show( Be honest) If I watch it I'll be sure to come back and tell you all about what I thought. Feel free to discuss about anything with anyone about the show, just make sure you use spoilers if you feel it will ruin it for someone!
  2. Hello bootiful people of behemoth. now i know alot of people who play CS:GO are collectors, i however, am now collecting cases and keys, or even things that are cluttering your inventory such as stickers, etc. Anything you dont need or want anymore, i will gladly take them Post Steam names down below if you want to offer anything(I know you behemoth, you guys always have stuff lol) And i will send you a trade. By the way everyone. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!
  3. I'm a Lvl 24 Hunter. And I need to do the Weekly heroic strike to get 4 strange coins to get the exotic chest plate. But I need a full team. So if you are willing to help me you must be - Lvl 25 or higher. Add me on PS4 : Dxstillstanding
  4. Very interesting. Any of you guys wanna just do anything? I'm on PS4 though /:
  5. It won't let me level it separately. I try to but it's just empty or it won't let me upgrade it.
  6. So I'm playing destiny. I just made it to Lvl 20(Hunter). But I don't get to use the subclass. I can use any skills or upgrades in it? Can someone explain how it works? Also, if you wanna play with me and help me get legendary gear and stuff. Add me on PS4: Dxstillstanding
  7. I'll be playing a Hunter. But I will not be able to play this week but I will this weekend.
  8. I've had it for a while, but I never played it until yesterday xD So if you want a oppurtunity to play with me. Post your PSN Name. And I will choose 2players(I think that's the party limit) and we shall just Go HAM! Just a few things: •I will be on at 1:00 Central Time(Not really familiar with time zones but if you know what time it is for you, you should be fine) • I am only level 8 xD So if you have any ways to help me get some good stuff or loot locations lemme know(I'm a hunter so you know I crave for cloaks ) And that's just about it. So leave your name down below. And I'll choose randomly. Also If you guys want. You can pick other names posted on here, and play with them. I will be doing this multiple times. So if you will always have a chance of playing.
  9. You get to run vasoline on your body and pretend to be a snail but I can't.
  10. How this gonna prevent scam when they don't know that you might do it to them?
  11. I've been playing since it was published yesterday. Ever since I've been stuck on the SAME LEVEL. I don't know. I probably suck. And then I had the worst thing happen to me.. My Internet cut out and it didn't save at all. Now I have to small over and I don't have time to redo it again. Can anyone save me one? I will pay if you want one. !!I if your gonna tell me, something smart, I don't have time this is for the generous side of the forums.!!!