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  1. BBT BOY


    nevermind i got it!
  2. Can someone please trade manbirth if u have extras please! it would be very kind and helpful of u as i missed the special offer on fathers day!
  3. now everyone is gonna wear it i agree with Cpt Deluxable.
  4. the second one to the right is amazing my new fav outstanding job on all of them!
  5. have guys seen there new photo with the black cats? that might have something to do with the next special prisoner but its just a guess!
  6. hey Mr star remember me u gave me winston for rose! do u still have donuts in stock or is he gone cuz i will trade u toast or castle crasher if u do not have one of them. GT Unmp1oydMexican
  7. i just really hope they come out with a special head from payday, that would be awesome!
  8. gt: Unmp1oydMexican will trade toast for winston? Whats ur gt Mr Star?
  9. my prisoner idea did it with paint too!
  10. WIll u be willing to give up one of those heads for gems?i
  11. IF there is anyone who would like to trade, i got the alien head and cc head and i am willing to trade it for donuts or the chicken! so message me or my gt if you have one of those heads and are willing to trade it! GT: Unmp1oydMexican
  12. I'm willing to trade my castle crasher head or alien head for donuts or the chicken. If so message me ur gt and we can play sometime!