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  1. your Sig needs liberty-prime, but other than that you have quite the army!
  2. They aren't based on elemental magic anyway AND it depends on which culture you are from to say which are the elements that is true...... but i think a mario-esque water level would be cool.....and the seahorse wouldn't be completely useless :/ (yeah i know, the swamp-end are and the river level, but i just use the jump+shoot-arrow "trick") i always wanted to see a puppet animal orb. it's ability would be a plus {low#} to magic, and its strings hanging down, would tangle enemies up for a little while.
  3. its a picture from one of the Elephants in Halo 3. i just need to know if your avatar is burping of sticking its tongue out
  4. how can a pool die/ be dead? have i been swimming in a living creatures mouth for all of my life? what if it eats my legs next time i go swimming?!! regardless, i still like Deadpool
  5. i look at him wrong and he just flips poop......hes been penning it up for soooo long and then BAM im a gloop pile. i drop a sunset sarsaparilla star bottle cap.
  6. ok, hopefully we get some more people started on this well we'll need a few more to join then we'll start it up.
  7. the justin bieber music is coming from inside the headphones! *creepy killer-with-a-knife-about-to-stab-someone-music plays*