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  1. I've reseved many messages saying they completed the feature but arnt getting the head.Anyone know why?
  2. Did you even test your **** levels? Yes I tested my levels a multitude of times.You may just be lacking in skill (even though they are quite simple).
  3. I'm still trying to get Winston and Furbottom if any ones willing to help me out
  4. GT: UnGodlYxTripp Playlist: Hop Skip Jump Type: Solo Adventure Hello fellow prisoners I'm UnGodlYxTripp you can call me Bliss and I'm here to present a new playlist for all to enjoy.I spent 2 week on this playlist so hope you enjoy them very much.These levels are for Moderate to advanced players.Each level is named after one of my favorite songs. The playlist gets progressively harder,But dont worry,Each level has been tested multiple times and should be unbrakeable and beatable Without a single death. Here is a list of all the levels 1.Suffication 2.Stay Crunchy 3Head ina Muddle 4.AKweird 5.Schism 6.Street Lights 7.Bonkers 8.FineShrines 9.Eyes On Fire End 10.Rosetta Stoned 11UnderCat Encourse 12.BloodDrunk 13.Etude Pour Deux 14.28 Hz Scream Bonus 15.Blitz If there are any problems please do tell.Any and all feedback is wanted and won't go unheard.I'm also interested in everyone most and least favorite levels.Please Rate what you believe It deserves and Favorite