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  1. Ummm... What are you saying? I think he was trying to be cool by changing the words of the Fallout 3 intro, but ultimately failed. had one of those days yesterday just dont mind it ^^"
  2. ssb... ssb never changes. characters come and go. the most movesets not. if a stage returns its not the right. but as long as i can beat my enemys, its great. just sayin'.
  3. looks like a stone with two hands,a wrestler and a ... frogninja from space?
  4. playing aion and ro2/rs mp. and waiting for gta5 getting a pc version... i'll can better aim with mouse XD
  5. I'm surprised that with the criticisms against this none of them have been the fact that the Japanese Sony mascot is a character, along with Lilo and Darth Vader who are owned by Disney and several other characters not Nintendo, the most ridiculous being the Captain America. Of all Marvel characters you pick the Cap? Plus, Metal Mario... really? I don't think you saw Master Chief. I don't know about you guys but my new favorite character is Duck. Either Duck or Waldo I don't know. "hello dr.freeman do you need your crowbar today?". yes indeed that roster would be great:D but i think a darknut from twillight princess would be awesome too:D
  6. i play'd that before it was in bioshock infinite as the loading thing,on piano...anyway i didnt play'd a piano since when. should sound creepy if i've ever find one again they let me play on XD<br /><br />
  7. i actually ment that guy who says things like" search and destroy" or " good job! get rdy for the next round " oo"...
  8. first of all dafaq,dat music. and second the voice that says what you are doing kinda sounds like snake oo
  9. just rememberd hearing this the whole day sometimes o.o"
  10. got an ultimate edition of fallout new vegas 2 weeks ago.still wondering that there was still one in stock oo (happy me)
  11. There is a tiny chao garden in Sonic Advance 1 and 2 (you have to unlock it in the second one) and Sonic Pinball Party. There are some chao appearances in Sonic Advance 3, Sonic Rivals 2, Sonic Chronicles, Sonic Colors (DS version only), and Sonic Generations (not 3DS). No I did not play Prince of Persia 08. hum would nice if they would make a sonic game with chao gardens in future.i mean it would be one point too get a sonic game again (for my sisters atleast) XD. uhm yeah and play that prince of persia. its awesome
  12. i didnt playd sonic games since heroes so i wanted too ask are where still any chaos around in the newer games? i mean they where something like mascots and my sisters loved them much XD. oh and btw did you ever played prince of persia 08. damn that game was beautifull oo
  13. You mean this? I would love to play that. It's be stupid, but at the same time very epic. uhm yeah kinda oo XD