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  1. Someone should already know this, but the Necromancer and the Groom CAN be juggled WITHOUT beefy. It just requires a boat load of xy attacks and good magic jump timing.
  2. I wanted to do something really cool on Castle Crashers before Skyrim comes out. So i decided to get every single character to level 50 or higher LEGITIMATELY, no boosting or any of that. I managed to do that within 11 days of playing. Has anyone else done this? Just wanna know
  3. I always use the civilian and I haven't seen no one else play as him in my 2-3 years of having the game. But I think that the King would be the most underrated.
  4. Ok this is really making me mad and I haven't bothered to mention it. I have 23 wins in all you can Quaff and STILL no achievement. I have never had 256 or boosted. Whats going on, like seriously
  5. Lots of people do care about their rank and amount of wins, so yes it would help.
  6. lol dark knight you told me to put this on the forums because i mentioned it, now your against it?
  7. I am glad that the whole game was updated for the better, and I love it!!! But there still is one thing that makes lots of arena players mad. Rage quit noobs . Now in the new update, you made it so the second they loose all of their health, you fall to the floor and start dancing right away and then it ends. But even with this addition, they still manage to rage quit, making that match a complete waste of time. I think that there should be one final update. The second that the player looses all of his health, you should get the win, instead of having to wait for the screen that says who wins to get the win. I think this would make many people happy
  8. YES!!! Thank you so much Behemoth!! My hat is so amazing!!! I have framed my letter too next to my Castle Crashers poster....!!!! Thank you so much!!!
  9. If you look at the date Kelly posted this, it was February 25......Today is March 12....I normally am not impatient.....but now I am starting to be...
  10. Ok....now I am a patient guy....but now I'm getting a little eager for my prize and I am still waiting anxiously to get it.....WHEN ARE YOU MAILING THEM KELLY
  11. Thats true.....The player gravity thing would suck, fixed recover jump seems fair.