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  1. I know you from deviantart...right?

  2. I'm done! And I did alot of Pink Knight drawings xD (on my DA)
  3. Hai guys, i'm back! And back with another Hatty Drawing I hope you'll like it! I'm planning to colour it with my new colouring style (below) (like this!)
  4. PrancerPie

    1991 Hatty

    Reaaaally cool! You should draw more!
  5. I've been into Adventure time theses days, and Lemongrab makes me think of Hatty... for some reasons. ((I'm a big fan of Lemongrab C:)) So, here's the Earl of Battleblock Theater (?) I did it on paper at work and I recolored it on paint!
  6. Pass the coke...a cola.