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  1. I'm done! And I did alot of Pink Knight drawings xD (on my DA)
  2. Hai guys, i'm back! And back with another Hatty Drawing I hope you'll like it! I'm planning to colour it with my new colouring style (below) (like this!)
  3. PrancerPie

    1991 Hatty

    Reaaaally cool! You should draw more!
  4. I've been into Adventure time theses days, and Lemongrab makes me think of Hatty... for some reasons. ((I'm a big fan of Lemongrab C:)) So, here's the Earl of Battleblock Theater (?) I did it on paper at work and I recolored it on paint!
  5. Some people are making fun of me because I use paint... I love Ms Paint because it gives charm to your art, it's pixel art like and it's really delightful for me! (It's not BBT but I like this drawing of Maggie C:))
  6. Thanks I'll try to do more!
  7. I love it too! I can't get rid of it!
  8. Super Meat Boy? Hmm Naaah, he's in the Steam BBT Trailer! ((Plus poor Bandage girl, Meat boy is already taken with that cutie :3))
  9. If you recognize that square guy, i'll give you a cookie! ((I secretly ship this shhh))
  10. You'll improve! I began with drawing crappy things and ended up with cool drawings! It'll happen to you and people that loves to draw!
  11. It's really awesome! Keep it up!
  12. Because I did some drawings of Fairy being "naked" (She doesn't have a chest, but, i considers this as "sexy") and some have some "provocative" contents... so I won't post theses drawings in here, if you wanna see them, it's on my Tumblr! ^w^
  13. They're like guys, they're simple gamers, that's all. But girls that SHOW guys that they're gamers is "Attention seekers". I know a French and annoying girl that most of people hates because she pretents to be a "geekette" (but play games... stupidity lvl: over nine thousand) only to get attention... (She uses the "breasts magic" to get subscribers too). Most of them don't know how to play games, but pretends to like video games to impress guys...
  14. Sup people, i'm back after moving to a new house! And i'm back with new drawing and sketches! :3 I'll only post some, because the others are maybe too "sexy" to be posted in here! You can check the others drawing on my tumblr: So, here's the drawings!
  15. I should stop listenning to dancehall music while drawing, because this...
  16. I forgot to add Necromancer!
  17. So, it's been a while i didn't posted thingies in here! So, i'll upload some recent drawings! Spotty Performer (Marine my FC) Glorious Morning (Because the bonus track made me do it!) Pink Knight without helmet And Fairy Knight with her crush! Hope you like it!
  18. Pass the coke...a cola.