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  1. Okay I am well aware that this is commonly talked about, but I would like to introduce a different approach. This DLC should have limitations, and like the call of duty emblems, you should have images that you can drag onto your head of any shape (star, sqaure, cirle, etc.) Each image you unlock should be by buying heads or unlocking star heads. (Possibly by completing challenges as well). I do have hope for this DLC and it would spark my interest back to playing bbt daily and not just for the star heads. What do you guys think and do you have any suggestions?
  2. Hahaha we have two more I think and then the 6th slot..... You got a lot of catching up to do.
  3. 1. Paper Mario (any character from that series acually) 2. Golden Whale 3. Any other pet orbs 4. Dan paladin 5. Tom fulp 6. Cat guard 7. Hatty (full attire) 8. Create your own 9. Animated heads (like lava lamp or plane) 10. Villager or peasant from CC These are in no particular order
  4. "I look foward to a game in which people get judged not by the color of their skin, but by the color of their blocks, which is the same as the color of their skin." "I tell you time and time again C is bad A is good WHY DON'T YOU LISTEN!!!"
  5. I remember that video. Sadly, I missed my chance to watch it. I do however know 2 of the heads left.
  6. This is extremely unlikely but what about a customizable head. If not the last star head maybe a DLC??? Like you can use the body and facial features of previously earned heads to create your own. This would add even more diversity to the BBT community.
  7. Well as you may know the last star head is approaching fast. What do you guys think it might be? I'm hoping it's not another regular starhead like the shoe or the apple. My best guesses are Hatty Hattington (with suit and hat) or a cat guard (the fatter ones with suit). I am hoping that it will be released on Furbottoms Featured on a difficult playlist. Also what do you guys think about having something like a cooler trophy like a gold one with diamonds in it for getting all the heads in the game? Although this is unlikely I am all for the idea.
  8. Hey can anyone help? I don't know how to pass the last part in one of the last levels. It's where you have to ride the horse thing across the water with the spikes overhead. I have tried everything but when I try to leave to leave the water with my horse it kills me. Great playlist so far this part is just really bothering me.
  9. GT: Noke4 Trading: Buckle your pants, Hatzilla, Moose, and many others or 500 Gems or 200 yarn Need: Present Head Msg me on xbox if interested ASAP
  10. Hey guys sorry I'm late but I've misse the present also. I always check the website but, as you may know, it wasn't there. If anybody is willing to trade I have some rare star heads I'm willing to give up (Buckle Your Pants, Moose, Winston, and a couple others) and I also have 500+ gems. So I you want to trade or just want to be a good Samaratan my gamertag is Noke4 and I will be on often starting on Friday.
  11. Gt: Noke4 Just need a Winston head! Thank you so much and I can give you gems or yarn in return
  12. Just recieved the 25% off head from a friend so I just need the winston head if anybody has a spare
  13. Im missing the 25% off head. If anyone who is kind enough to give me an extra just friend me. Gt Noke4 Im also missing the Winston head but if you dont have an extra of that its fine.