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  1. Awesome entries everyone! I might give it a shot, but everyone who's submitted is so darn talented haha, it's melting my head-face and weapon-tools ;D -acoostic
  2. I know! Super soviet missile mastar on the iPhone/iPad... Genius! Much better idea than alien hominid (for the iPhone I mean).... I loved the super soviet missile mastar mini-game! P.S Thanks for the support guys, I know that the vast majority of you guys are really nice...
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    I'm downloading this game RIGHT NOW!! It looks beautiful
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    I love this game so much! It's so undervalued as a game I think... It might be because it looks slightly childish, but then, that's their (the people who don't like it) loss anyway! I wish I could play it with other people in co-op though, because my sister refuses to play it with me It would be awesome on xbox live, but it's a Nintendo game so that's never going to happen!
  5. Banned for not using complete sentences!
  6. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's cheating or even comparable to hacking, but it can be a little annoying... To be honest though I don't do much online multi-player. I much prefer playing with my friends at home! Those duels are hilarious though, because we always do shenanigans like shovel wars
  7. I can't wait to play this game!!! It looks more and more awesome each time I look at it!
  8. I bought Pokemon Blue second hand and it had Mew AND Missingo on it... I was like... Say WHHAAAAAAT??
  9. I personally disagree with juggling, but congratulations on hitting #1 on PSN.
  10. Nice find, lol! Is it a glitch? Or is it supposed to happen?
  11. Nice idea! That would be awesome! I would totally buy that!
  12. Troll Mother on Insane. OVER AND OVER. Moving to Technical Issues, although I'm not completely sure it's a game issue, it could be a RRoD issue. Haha! I guess it's lucky that I like the music for the troll mother then!
  13. That really sucks!! I only have one level 58, :3 so I don't have a clue how hard it would be to get to level 99... But I'm not sure what the Behemoth can do about it though I'd say try and try again, and hopefully you'll get there a lot faster this time
  14. Oh yeah? Well I'm calling June 2073, because it'll be your birthday then, too! You're going to delay BattleBlock Theater by 60 years, is it still so great of a month!? IS IT!? Okay I'm done being crazy now. I predict March 2nd. He works for behemoth! He knows it's going to be released on March 2nd!! (Joking! March 2nd sounds really close though )
  15. Lol I'm calling June 2011, purely because it's my birthday in June!
  16. Thanks guys, I levelled up to level 58 then did it I used hawkster because he gave me food
  17. Touché salesman... Touché. Monty Python is awesome though.
  18. Anyway, where is the Grey Princess? All the different coloured knights have their similarly coloured princesses (admittedly the Orange Knight kinda drew the short straw with Tricky, but still) except the Grey Knight, what's up with that?
  19. Hey! There was no d)! plus d) was: 'I've found the meaning of life so I know that the word 'Epic' is no-where near a strong enough description of Monty Python's awesomeness, and I would type them for you, but then the forums would explode and that would make a big mess...' Therefore I win
  20. yeah... thats what i planned... Lol, I think it loses some of its magic when it's explained though
  21. Lol Super meat boy looks really good! I never heard of it before, but now that I've seen it, I'll have to get it!
  22. Haha! I think she was pretending to be uber sensitive to what you just said! And again, thanks a bunch... You guys make it very easy to stay!
  23. Aww c'mon guys... We can't let the never-ending post die! How about a subject change?! Monty Python- a) EPIC EPIC c) all of the above.