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  1. Hi behemoth Do you have a release date planned for those of us on PSN E.U. ? p.s. I have my fingers crossed that it shall be soon
  2. Great news that psn will get a castle crashers sale full version of Castle Crashers PSN for 50% off and an additional 10% off on top of that for PS+ users! (sadly not including U.S.). The Behemoth I must ask, any chance that you could give us psn fans an update on the Blacksmith DLC coming to psn? Any news would be great and much appreciated by all of us.
  3. I just hope that Behemoth read this and realise how much the fanbase of psn wants the Blacksmith DLC. Problem is the horrible coding and licensing issues, thats involved to all the regions especially Europe. Please Behemoth psn is awaitng our new friend the Blacksmith.
  4. trickster really is the trickster lol hats off to you for your juggles,(what combo was you using going left to right). sadly me and mayhem have a tonne of practice to do
  5. trickster and mayhem, i'd quite like to have a fun game on insane with both of you. I guess time zones are going to be the fun part here lol.
  6. Seeking the Rubber Handled Sword on PSN

  7. trickster2599 any chance that i could get you to join my online game and kindly trade me the rubber handled sword, My friend doesn't believe me that it exists, would love to literally show them wrong by beating him up with it
  8. Hi guys im also on psn and was wondering if you would be so kind to trade me the rubber handle sword aswell so i can kindly add it to my collection. send me a msg on psn, my psn is the same as my username on here. Thanks.
  9. Actually ps3 is just alot more harder to code than the xbox is. Plus fact is Blue Ray graphics are by far better visually than HD graphics.
  10. Me and my friends love this game on psn for the feature of volleyball, now heres a funny story. ok the level sandcastle roof at the end you have a volleyball game against 4 computers, well me and my mate had fun glitches all the way through and ended up in a match at the end, us 2 vs 30+ sacarens and 2 royal guard, HOLY **** what a match, totally outnumbered, was truly an epic match. This game is just full of surprises.
  11. So there has been lots of confusion with people asking whats happening and going on with this DLC pack for psn. Ok i have asked jawad on the playstationblog about the Blacksmith DLC for psn E.U. and he replyed back: Posted on 19 June, 2013 at 3:20 pm by Jawad Ashraf 'Unfortunately I’ve not had any word on the Blacksmith DLC, sorry' So from this sony(psn e.u.) are still waiting for Behemoth to summit the Blacksmith DLC data to Q.A. My guess is Behemoth are still coding it for psn as we speak.
  12. Seriously how long does it take a company to announce the latest progression on the blacksmith dlc coming to psn.
  13. This seems to be the longest waited DLC ever. I reckon that the blacksmith DLC failed Q.A. again just like it did the first time round with the Pink knight DLC and then psn E.U. took another whole year to release pink knight DLC after its original release date.
  14. took the words right out of my mouth. I can't wait for Behemoth to announce on their dev blog that the blacksmith DLC will be released for psn!