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  1. A Galvantula

    Arcadia And The Art Of War

    Breaking news: wizard in LotR is Gondolf, not Gandalf! Seriously, though, loved the playlists.
  2. There ya go! I knew this would happen. Now you have the most features! And MisterrQuentin, as well.
  3. A Galvantula

    [3/7/2014] Back Into The Spring Of Things

    The one and only.
  4. A Galvantula

    [3/7/2014] Back Into The Spring Of Things

    Would you look at that.
  5. A Galvantula

    New Rule Regarding Blacklists/scammers

    Well, you probably want to report their profile to microsoft. For more information on microsoft reporting policies, how to's and faq's, I suggest visiting their site/forum. They don't pay attention to Jack-Crap we send to them Sad, but true most of the time.
  6. A Galvantula

    Confession Time

    I, too, started out as absolute suck, but look at me now! Number 313 in the world, gold trophy, and all 320 heads. You'll get better, like I did.
  7. A Galvantula

    The Future Is Now! Bbt Coming Soon To Steam!

    Time to be patient, bide my time, and - to heck with it, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
  8. You're missing the "#" there.
  9. A Galvantula

    [2/28/2014] This Is The End?

    Please don't end Furbottom's Features. I beg of you.
  10. A Galvantula

    [2/21/2014] Et Tu, Purrham?

    Nice job ps3guyguy!
  11. A Galvantula

    Last Star Head

    *plays dramatic music* DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!
  12. I am! Only 1 spot remains: the one between hatzilla and snakebit.
  13. A Galvantula

    Disappointed With The Final Heads Anyone?

    Hey, don't be sad, the final five may be over, but we have the secret sixth to look forward to!
  14. A Galvantula

    [2/14/2014] The Magic Of Organ-Theft!

    Gratz on the 3rd feature!
  15. I appreciate the positive feedback, you guys! This is easily the friendliest forum ever.