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  1. Glad I poke in here every once in a while to make sure I don't miss anything. This is something I wouldn't want to miss.
  2. I don't mean lose the cartoon graphics altogether, but move it past the pixelated graphics of the original. I mean, this is what the original looks like, it can definitely get an update without losing the quality.
  3. I hope eventually the do an HD remake of the very first Rayman. I don't want it cartoony like the new ones, I want it HD.
  4. The fact that you nominated me, despite the fact that I absolutely fell off the face of the forum when college started, is both flattering and confusing. Let's not forget that he still owes me money. I think that should be considered before we just willy nilly throw around these nominations. These nominations are serious matters guys. Those ten dollars are burning a whole in my pocket. I will get them to you ASAP now that my first semester's over. Let this act of monetary repayment not go unnoticed by this nomination system. I am a man of my word. Just kidding, don't vote for me, that would be a terrible idea. Now i have to vote for you just because you said not to. Pick a side Quentin but let it be known, when the smoke clears: there can be only one.
  5. The fact that you nominated me, despite the fact that I absolutely fell off the face of the forum when college started, is both flattering and confusing. Let's not forget that he still owes me money. I think that should be considered before we just willy nilly throw around these nominations. These nominations are serious matters guys.
  6. I'm not really a believer in Gravity but for some reason I still keep being held down on earth. It's the stupidest thing, all these people putting their laws and restrictions on my body, who do they think they are? I sold my gravity to a friend for a pack of gum because I'm not a very gravity kind of guy. Do you think I got a good deal?
  7. You post something incredibly offensive and have it removed by moderators. It happened to me. You also get a free warning. Just kidding, the warning isn't free, but you do get to keep it forever.
  8. You forgot the level cap that is only removed by additional dlc and a limited edition xbox one bundle *Cough* sunset overdrive sucks *Cough*
  9. They said that "Castle Carters" didn't make the cut when I asked why they didn't go with a racing game.
  10. I got a chance to play the demo and the long distance characters seemed to attack everyone in their range. Now, it may be that they have a certain limit of attacks and then spread them out randomly, or it could have been that everyone in range gets attacked.
  11. Anyone notice that Honey Hug now has 6 limbs (legs or arms)? Even the "Honey Hug is Nigh" t-shirt has a 4 limbed Honey Hug.
  12. The hexagons look like chemical compounds, and there was a snowman, gingerbread man, and the cupcake, in addition to the spider woman on the game 4 t-shirt. I wonder if the game is based on gene splicing or mutating? Whatever it is I'm glad I'll see it at PAX!
  13. I agree with 8bitten. I played this playlist back when whydavid's other playlist got featured and was impressed a second time. This is feature worthy for sure.
  14. To Cat Guard, the event sold out in under an hour, The Behemoth has been to PAX every year for like a decade, actually a decade +1, so they will probably be back next year. Tickets originally sold for $35 per day, and now they're selling for, yeah $70+ on ebay and craigslist. It seems that you have the type of mother that won't let you go by yourself so plan on spending over $100 to go if you do try to make it. Oh yeah, and I'm looking forward to going since I bought my tickets when they were available.
  15. You guys just need to make playlists that are crappier, like mine, and no one will play them and they won't get reported. See, in the end it's still your fault 8bittenleveldesignguyseanconnorwhatever.
  16. HONESTLY, I think the Furbottom Feature encores is the death of new user created levels and Battleblock Theater for Xbox in general. I haven't played since the last head came out except for a few minutes here... and not even there. If there isn't something new to try out I just am not motivated to turn it back on. It has made me feel like if the Behemoth hasn't found anything new worth mentioning, and some of the levels I didn't care too much for are seeing a COMEBACK, then there REALLY must be nothing good out there... Which leads me to my observation that there was a LOT of great content that came out from users that NEVER got featured. True they may not have been as good as some of the best playlists that were featured, but some of the levels are better than some of the playlists that were featured, and then encore featured. I'm hoping that once Battleblock gets released for free on the 15th that the Behemoth comes back and starts featuring new playlists. I'd love for a bunch of new players to start playing so that I can start playing again and for new featured levels to play with these new players. Or even if they made a new playlist option that was like the best of the second placers, lists that weren't quite good enough for FF, but still fun. The rating is worthless because lame levels get high scores,and well thought out tough playlists get low ranking, so just plowing through tons of levels to find the gems in the rough is so hard and frustrating. This game is still fun, but nothing new has come out for what, 3 months? I just miss Friday's being fun, exciting, and surprising. Now it's just "hey which playlist that I've already played through will be featured with a star head I've already got?"
  17. Very cool! IF you decide to update it, you should add some color to the heads.
  18. I still haven't beaten the perfect run. HOURS later, and only on that one level.
  19. I have a trapper keeper, does it play on college ruled?
  20. So, do these show up in the trade booth area so that you could trade them? Which head shape do they show up under? Did I miss that this was an added feature for Steam? You can't add custom heads in XLBA version that I'm aware of.
  21. I find it amusing when people claim they got "hacked" in bizarre ways, like above quoted instance. Not saying this didn't happen... but if someone took the time to create a hack that took control of another player's controller and game system, I think that they would use that kind of skill towards something other than taking a single star head. Especially when its possible to just hack the game and give yourself all of the star heads which would be a much simpler hack.
  22. This is a intolerable witch hunt. You all should be ashamed. The true villain and cause for the decline in this forum is Adam Levine. He should be banned from this forum, yet you all deny the truth and bury your heads in the sand like some cowardly ostriches (birds with long necks that, according to legend, bury their head in the sand when they are frightened). I bet you're all on the A.L. payroll aren't you, trying to run out the likes of bloobers and my dad. I for one will not stand for this kind of narcissism. They have added things, and stuff. Lots of things and stuff. And what has Adam Levine offered lately? Nothing!!! It seems he's too busy dying his hair and turning chairs around to look at singers. DON'T BE BULLIED BY THESE MODS!!! FIND THE TRUTH!! OPEN YOUR EYES!! LOOK HERE: I bet that even posting such evidence will get noticed by the mods and they'll do everything they can to hide the truth. FIGHT THE POWER!!!
  23. Please don't gruesomely die again Steve Jobs.