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  1. soppiergeoduck9

    Winston Head

    i want winston. willing to trade for castle crashers knight or cat control
  2. thanks. the link worked and i can acces "member content" now. i also got the cat control but i did not know of the website earlier and did not get the previous star heads. someone online offered me all the promo star heads after i told him/her about the incident, but after the trade i got the heads only when playing with him. after i left him, the heads disappeared but the traded items were not with me. please handle these hackers (at least that is what i think happened, but it could always be a faulty xbox). p.s. your replies are quite quick and the coments always work. keep up the good work.
  3. soppiergeoduck9

    Special Heads For Anything

    I have castle crashers knight, cat control for trade for the toast, furbottom or winston. 1 for 1 not 2 for 3 dont get me wrong.
  4. soppiergeoduck9

    Gift Shop - Free Star Heads

    Rose, behemoth chicken and the donut guy please. My donut disappeared for no apparent reason. soppiergeoduck9
  5. I cannot acces furbottoms features as my account was setup so I cannot share stuff on the xbox and cannot view shared stuff like furbottoms features. Now that I am older my parents allow me to share stuff online but I do not know how to change the restrictions