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  1. dude I think that the king head is the rarest head in the game right now
  2. im looking for heads like king, monster, present, troll, barbarian, fbi agent 1 and 2 any ones we don't have we have the first 40 heads like from purham furbottom to I see you I will list the heads I have later today my gt is spart1n8r I have all the heads now sorry
  3. mr star i cant remember your gamertag
  4. mr star do i have to friend you or do i just send you an invite.
  5. winston and donut plz gt. spart1n8r
  6. r u willing to trade me I want donut or winston i have rose castle crasers alien chickin my gamer tag is spart1n8r i will be on friday at 5:00-9:00 plz reply