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  1. But nobody is around to see it... Is it even real? Wooooaaaaahhhhh
  2. ...only for them to proceed to never play it with you and your loneliness continues to grow?
  3. There's nothing like being reminded that you used to post here. It's surreal seeing what used to be a bustling site become a one post a week deal.
  4. That's what I did. For some reason I got sent an email notifying me that you made this thread. Cheerio.
  5. I feel pretty stupid for knowing nothing about Pit People. I want to play it, but then again, it's me buying a new console just for Pit People. Crossing my fingers for a Steam Release.
  6. Hi y'all. How are you Kitty Kickers doing these days? I just decided to check in on the whole community thing. It seems... Dead... Maybe when Pit People comes out, people will make at least one post a day. Who knows.
  7. I can't figure the game out for the life of me. I guess we just have to wait for closed Beta.
  8. It's funny because I actually think Minecraft is retarded.

  9. I still prefer XBLA. Less gimmicks, more fun. Plus I get to use a controller.
  10. Good Luck. People don't just go out of their way to draw a stranger a picture. At least not for free...
  11. Luigi's Death Stare is a thing
  12. The beauty of Twitch is chatting together and asking questions. That feeling of talking to someone playing a cool game, asking how they can beat Mario in less than 12 minutes, etc. Twitch is best enjoyed when watched live. I feel Dean's pain
  13. Don't get caught by the legendary Snaggle Babbler
  14. Now I can finally ask for a Sinnoh re-make.
  15. "Free to beta testers" Feels good man
  16. Yeah, that gets annoying. I also wish they had an option to adjust the controls. 1 word ..... betaaaaa I am quite aware it is the beta, thank you.