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  1. Banned for thinking I know how to set up a minecraft server. (lol)
  2. Banned for your icon that I think is a duster.
  3. Banned because of the smelly pirates
  4. This guy. Impossible to argue with. All he needs to say is no and apparently that will benefit his cause. Well I have a rebuttle... Yes. Yes. Is the correct answer. You got an A!
  5. I hate how people settle for the default square head. It's NOT Hatty!
  6. Explain the duplication glitch
  7. BattleBlock Theater, Worms 2: Armageddon, and Castle Crashers.
  8. Banned for no creativity.
  9. Lets play the respect one another game! First person to shut their rude little mouth wins!
  10. It would be kinda cool if you could buy him as a DLC, and included his little suit.
  11. Yeah. I had to get all of the gems by myself due to not having gold membership :/ (I do now though)
  12. Then they ask for Cat Control or toast D:
  13. All I want to do is pay some gems for triangle heads, and everyone is like, "GIMME WINSTON OR I LEAVE." Anyone else fed up?