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  1. I would be fine with Big Chin. He could be the [Content deleted by The Behemoth] of all of the other [Content deleted by The Behemoth]! Wouldn't that be a twist!?!
  2. I was talking about Boss 2 by the way. I managed to beat it though...
  3. How do you even do the first Ball game level? I hosted a match 4 times and no one knew how to score a basket (including me.)
  4. I have been hoping for a giant head. Anything as long as it is ridiculously large. EDIT (so I don't double post.): The new heads are free. They are; Snakey, and Meebs! Go get 'em!
  5. I am kinda hoping it's Bigchin. Although, there might not even be a head today at all. What do you guys think?
  6. From my judgment, Battleblock Theater may not have installed properly. Did you turn off your xbox while it was saving?
  7. If you double post, you are scum of the earth. If you spell one word wrong, or use punctuation incorrectly, no one respects you. The mods are terrifying too. But it is still a cool place!
  8. That was the hardest playlist I have ever done. It felt like Insane Mode in Chapter 7! Great job! PS: What is with all the grotesque heads?
  9. Minecraft

    Portal 2

    Sorry, I can't help with co-op achievements. Best of luck though
  10. Minecraft

    Portal 2

    What achievements do you need help with?
  11. It has been 2 weeks since we had one. I'm not talking about an arena one. A good old fashioned runaround and get gems playlist. I don't even care about the head it comes with, I just want new levels to play.
  12. I don't know if it is one day only, but there is a new head. It is Rammy so go get it