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  1. Get a haircut. Your hair is so messy. I like his hair.
  2. I may or may not like the Pink Knight

  3. So I started up Battleblock Theater like I normally do: Check Furbottom's Features and go on a Quick Xbox Live Match. I joined a Capture the Horse game (because it is my favorite arena mode) and apparently join a match with snuggle-bubbler! Here is some LEGIT proof. IMAGE I was the brown Triangle head and he was the Pepsi head! The host exited the game not long after I joined. I then joined yet ANOTHER server with Snuggle-Bubbler in it. IMAGE I was the orange Square head. The nefarious Snuggle-Bubbler needs to be stopped! Imagine how dangerous it would be is he starts trading these hacked heads! Post below what you think of this LEGIT proof I have. EDIT BY ROY-G-BIV: Yeah let's not spread rumors. Thanks.
  4. I want The Behemoth to make a Hatty Hattington Figurine. That is what I want.
  5. I have 2 Scuba Steves, I save them for when a head comes out and I miss it.
  6. I found out that Turkey's can't punch you.

  7. Exactly! Like Fat Kid is in the end right when you get on the boat. Same with Big Chin when you watch the demo in the background on the title screen. Fat Kid was released and Big Chin is coming up! Hatty NEEDS to be released.
  8. I dunno... Imaginary Chickens are awfully expensive.
  9. What do you guys think of Spinda? Admit it. You have been staring at it for a while.
  10. Ok this thread served its purpose. Requesting lock.
  11. Hopefully The Behemoth knows that my nose is better.
  12. On Thursday, I had scraped my nose (rather badly.) I had to put a bandage on it over night. I woke up the next morning (Friday) and went to school. When I got home I went on the Xbox and played the FF. Then "The Nose Knows" happens. Is The Behemoth spying on me?
  13. It needs a lot of work but it is a nice idea.
  14. If I recall correctly, almost every single event legendary that is shiny is usually untradable. It could be different for these, but I remember that being the case for the legendary dog shinies they gave out back in HG/SS. The darn Gift Ribbon. Any pokemon with that ribbon can't be traded. The new Shinies can't be traded because of it. I would trade, but I don't play pokemon either that much anymore (until pokemon x and y.)