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  1. Hi there Puggle! You need to adjust the Parental Controls to allow User Created Content.
  2. Pepsi must be real mad. Not to mention there was a Dr. Pepper head too.
  3. That better not be Knuckles. That better not be Knuckles. I SWEAR IF THAT'S KNUCKLES I WILL HATE SEGA.
  4. On the last design with the devs, Ryan Accidentally showed all the star heads. The coke head was one of them. This thread is legit.
  5. I have the 3 originals for PS1 still. I should play them again
  6. Minecraft

    Hatty Fan Art

    I decided to draw him last night. He doesn't look too good because I used crayola colored pencils. I know it's not the best but at least I tried
  7. I still have the first one for PS1
  8. By the way, I was CarbonatedJuice in the beginning of the stream
  9. It was an honor playing with you guys
  10. Sir Minecraft Minecraft the Purple. Seems legit.
  11. I don't see how I "baited" any "hook". Sony fanboys.
  12. "If he did come to other platforms, it'd probably be only PC, since Sony seems to screw up everything and haven't even put in the Blacksmith pack yet." You just baited the hook my friend.