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  1. No. I knew Stamper wasn't Hatty, I was just joking and hoped someone would go with it.
  2. I am probably bad at google, but I can't seem to find Hatty's voice actor. Can anyone help?
  3. Because there are only 6 levels in the Arena Feature this time. I already appreciated it.
  4. I'm disappointed too. But I'm honestly not surprised. This happens all the time unfortunately. Sometimes all we get is a new arena. No heads, no feature.
  5. Minecraft


    I appreciate the love guys.
  6. I'm quite sure that we have to go with the timezone the behemoth is in, and it's friday the 13th over there. It's about 7:30 AM over there. It could be a while.
  7. They should do the thing where there is a head for the solo playlist, and one for the multiplayer playlist. Two different heads ya know?
  8. Or in Latin, it is Oculis Multarum.
  9. Both are really really hard.But I managed to succeed Overall, a great set of playlists.
  10. I'm guessing it will be a food item. What's your input?
  11. So this morning I started a Muckle game. The other players went strait to the Gift Shop (what a surprise.) This one guy was donating gems like crazy. He gave me more than 1k gems. So I gave him one of my star heads for free. Do you guys ever get donated a lot? Or am I just extremely lucky.
  12. You seen too much You can tell he watched the video. You did too, how else would you know its from there? Plus, who wouldn't? Its human curiosity. ...there's nothing wrong with watching the video. What video?? There was a video which showed many NON-FAKE unreleased star heads a while ago. It's been removed due to copyright claim. Non-fake? Was there a Sonic head? Not to be rude, but why would the behemoth make a sonic head? They aren't connected in any way, and it would probably look like this
  13. On 2nd thought, requesting lock. We did it. Counted to 100.
  14. Hey. I made this thread. I request locks. Silly Grovyle.