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  1. You seen too much You can tell he watched the video. You did too, how else would you know its from there? Plus, who wouldn't? Its human curiosity. I'm not saying you did anything wrong
  2. Today is National Toasted Marshmallow Day (no joke.) Knowing the Behemoth and their food heads, this might become real.
  3. I am just lucky I have all the star heads so far
  4. It will turn out great. Nintendo always come out as the winner.
  5. I do believe that it said "Ruffly 657 cats were harmed during this film." I will go check right now. It only takes about 3 minutes for me to beat the last level. EDIT: 647 cats yo
  6. They look delicious *drooling* America has so many downfalls
  7. You guys know Giraffey is female right?
  8. The Acid Bubble. People are really bad at avoiding it. Especially when I'm using it
  9. How I describe it... "Toast" "Door-stopper" "Plate"
  10. Toast will become common on National Toast/Bread Day? I hope that eventually Siren is the rarest. National Siren day?
  11. I wish they didn't re-release Winston. It is just a normal head that everyone has now. They should have made Winston a challenge to get like almost impossible....they just hand him out for free.. When Winston was first released, you had to do the multiplayer feature to get him. The singleplayer feature was Donuts.
  12. EDIT: Actually, the head is just ugly. Real life Winston is adorable.