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  1. They put happy powder from a special leaf.
  2. He is surprised you you missed the completely obvious punch-line.
  3. Parked off to the side of the island was a SCARY GHOST SHIP.
  4. Yeah ok...
  5. Yeah, HOW is this BBT related in anyway at all?
  6. Awfully helpful of you to state the glitch. I mean, how are the admins supposed to fix it if you won't say? EDIT: A mod should lock this if you don't know how you did it.
  7. Sir Koen of Forum was a brave knight dealing with the scrubs of the dark.
  8. Banned because Winston.
  9. I admit, buzz saw speed would be nice. But the lasers are already timed.
  10. Are you complaining that the game needs to be easier? Or you can't make levels? Either you are bad at this game, or YOUR the one that's not creative enough. Plus, the heads are a FEATURE. There are more than 300 heads for a reason.
  11. But I would trade Winston for him.
  12. I have no clue why, but I cried after BattleBlock Theater. It hurt my feels to see Hatty drowning.