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  1. quesadilla

    Ima Back!

    Hello there it's me quessadilla! if anyone remembers me plz tell because i wonder
  2. quesadilla

    Humble Bundle Game Giveaway

    May i have Mirrors edge for origin please kind kind sir?
  3. quesadilla

    Super Smash Bros. U/SSB3D

    Mega ManWii Fit Trainer Villager Alph Bowser Jr. Captain N Samurai Goroh Tom Nook Dark Samus Paula Prince Fluff Waluigi Magnus Zoroak Mega Blaziken Mega Mewtwo Chrom Morgan Wii Sports Mii The InterChet Killer Croc Mr. L and Metroid what?! That's not true?! Only: Megaman Wii Fit Trainer, and Animal Crossing Villager are new!
  4. quesadilla

    What Would You Change?

    yea your right.
  5. quesadilla

    What Would You Change?

    Behemoth forumers should get a code to unlock a special behemoth forum head thingy
  6. quesadilla

    What Would You Change?

    ARE THEY???!!!!Yaaaaaaaaaaaay
  7. quesadilla

    Custom Heads!

    Accidental post
  8. quesadilla

    Custom Heads!

    Accidental post
  9. quesadilla

    Custom Heads!

    Accidental post
  10. quesadilla

    Custom Heads!

    are you using a program for this? If you do please tell
  11. quesadilla

    Custom Heads!

    so I herd u like mudkipz?I love mudkips!!! Cool head bro
  12. quesadilla

    Games That Make (Or Made) You Cry

    This is acceptable, I suppose. I'll edit the main post to make this allowable. That game...cried at that one. all right then1.battleblock. ok i know it may sound dumb. but at first it just this happy up tone game about saving a square. but in the end you can't do anything but just sit there my your best friend can never move once more. 2. i cant think of anything. that is the acect same thing as I would say!(Acect is probably wrong spelled)
  13. quesadilla

    Super Smash Bros. U/SSB3D

    I love Olimar, he was my second best in Brawl. Why should he be held back for any reason. I, too, was a big fan of Olimar. I mean, it would have been more logical to do one of the Pikmin 3 characters, but I feel more of a connection with Olimar anyway. I think it's more logical to have Olimar considering he was the main character in the first AND second games, plus, he's beautiful.im sorry, I did not thaught olimar was liked by people but I personally think that olimar is the worst character in the game
  14. quesadilla

    Super Smash Bros. U/SSB3D

    I am a great fan of the ssb series and this game is me making me very excited can't wait for it's realease! The new characters are: Villager: (animal crossing) Megaman!!!! (Megaman) Wii fit trainer (wii fit) I am not entirely sure when the realease is but I think it's in 2014 I surely hope there are coming more characters... 3 is kinda disappointing. But I am sure I will buy the game in the same week it is being released! More info on smashbros.com Edit: seriously Nintendo... You are realeaseing olimar again... Are you ******* kidding me...
  15. quesadilla

    Castle Crashers/ Battleblock Fan Art

    dat profile pic...Also nice art!