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  1. Hello there it's me quessadilla! if anyone remembers me plz tell because i wonder
  2. May i have Mirrors edge for origin please kind kind sir?
  3. Mega ManWii Fit Trainer Villager Alph Bowser Jr. Captain N Samurai Goroh Tom Nook Dark Samus Paula Prince Fluff Waluigi Magnus Zoroak Mega Blaziken Mega Mewtwo Chrom Morgan Wii Sports Mii The InterChet Killer Croc Mr. L and Metroid what?! That's not true?! Only: Megaman Wii Fit Trainer, and Animal Crossing Villager are new!
  4. Behemoth forumers should get a code to unlock a special behemoth forum head thingy
  5. are you using a program for this? If you do please tell
  6. so I herd u like mudkipz?I love mudkips!!! Cool head bro
  7. This is acceptable, I suppose. I'll edit the main post to make this allowable. That game...cried at that one. all right then1.battleblock. ok i know it may sound dumb. but at first it just this happy up tone game about saving a square. but in the end you can't do anything but just sit there my your best friend can never move once more. 2. i cant think of anything. that is the acect same thing as I would say!(Acect is probably wrong spelled)
  8. I love Olimar, he was my second best in Brawl. Why should he be held back for any reason. I, too, was a big fan of Olimar. I mean, it would have been more logical to do one of the Pikmin 3 characters, but I feel more of a connection with Olimar anyway. I think it's more logical to have Olimar considering he was the main character in the first AND second games, plus, he's beautiful.im sorry, I did not thaught olimar was liked by people but I personally think that olimar is the worst character in the game
  9. I am a great fan of the ssb series and this game is me making me very excited can't wait for it's realease! The new characters are: Villager: (animal crossing) Megaman!!!! (Megaman) Wii fit trainer (wii fit) I am not entirely sure when the realease is but I think it's in 2014 I surely hope there are coming more characters... 3 is kinda disappointing. But I am sure I will buy the game in the same week it is being released! More info on smashbros.com Edit: seriously Nintendo... You are realeaseing olimar again... Are you ******* kidding me...
  10. dat profile pic...Also nice art!