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  1. Any cod game Infinity Ward makes it makes me WANT TO PUNCH A KITTEN,any new sonic game, most MMO/MMORPG's, and FROGGER
  2. Crysis 3 halo 4 blops 2 zombies minecraft battleblock cube world pokemon black 2
  3. Powerpuff girls the marvelous misadventures of Flapjack dexters lab courage the cowardly dog fosters home for imaginary friends chowder and ed edd and eddy, And invader zim
  4. Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of the sky, battleblock theater, halo reach, and bioshock infinite, and TellTales The Walking Dead
  5. Need someone to do co-op insane with me. I have experience with insane Ive beat solo insane. Send me a friend request if you want to. gt:eli7777777 that is seven sevens
  6. Insane co-op anyone gt: eli7777777

  7. Looking to play insane co-op

  8. The Behemoth has released news that if you log on to battleblock theater this week you will receive the Behemoth chicken head since its their 10th anniversary week, so all you that didn't have the chance to get the chicken head now is your chance.
  9. Anyone wants to do insane co-op message me gt: eli7777777 Yes thats 7 sevens
  10. I finaly beat this morning before I was trying in short bursts and it wasnt working but now I tried it for about 30 minutes and beat it
  11. sorry I was using it on my ipod and didnt realize I hit like, thanks for the info all of you
  12. I have been stuck on 8-4 on insane for about a week and I dont want to give up because the golden trophy is so close to my face.........and its beautiful Anyone have any helpfull tips to get it completed thanks!!!
  13. How is everyones head collection/progress doing. I just got all the heads and was wondering how is everyone else doing
  14. How is everyones head collection/progress doing, I so far just got all the heads.