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  1. Cupp have each created masterpieces (I don't really get what that's supposed to mean.) Cup Town has all the services of any major metropolitan drinking cup. There are big cups, little cups, cups with nice little handles, teacups, cups with colorful leaf-themed designs, sippy cups, plastic cups, paper cups, glass cups, silver cups, wooden cups and cup cups to serve the needs of a lively and growing cupulation. Many home owners in Cup Town, Cuppingston choose to rent their cups to guests who come from all over the world to see this beautiful cup-related community-- or cuppunity. It is a destination known around the world for its spectacular decorative cups, animal-shaped cups, durable cups, wax cups and now its 10-gallon cups. There was a time when Cup Town was really just known for its lack of cups, summer used to not be the cup season. Not any more! This cupesque valley, surrounded by immense, snow-covered cup statues, pristine cup collections and cup-fed streams, is home to four of Cuppingston's top 100 cups. Cupper, Cuplaus, Cupper Cuppet Jr., and Cupp have each created masterpieces in this magnificent cup setting. CUP -SushiGummy
  2. Um. Wait, can I skip this one? During The Summer No, really, I don't really have the time to edit this post. is a thriving town of about 10,000 No, seriously now. residents. I've got a final tomorrow. population can swell to over 40,000 during I really need to study for it. The I have to wake up in 7 hours. community represents a mix of residents from I can't fail this test. and I failed the last one. to I'd rather not fail this class. The Why am I still doing this? lifestyle is a unique balance of I really can't keep editing this post, my grades depend on it, my future depends on it and if I fail I'm going to end up being a hobo. It's rare to find a Then again, it's a communication class. without an That doesn't really count as a class, does it?. Many international I wonder why I even need to take this class. come to seek I haven't really learned anything, all I do is surf the web on my laptop, find spambots on the forums and so I can mess with their posts. The I wonder if I'm confusing anyone with this edit of If I am, I'm sorry, Try reading just the blue. surrounded by That should make your life easier. and These bots never really say anything interesting anyway. and Seriously, why advertise golf in a game forum? around is hard to resist and many We play video games. with the we care nothing about golf and decide to stay. There are some Too bad I banned this user and edited out the post before anybody saw the thread, right? who have This is like the third time in a row, too. -SushiGummy
  3. Choosing Your First Pokemon If you have a son who does nothing but play SNES all day, you can consider giving him a Pokemon on his tenth birthday or any other occasion. Such a gift can help boost your son's Pokedex. Let’s just say you should know how to appeal to the hardcore gamer. But nah... you’re not really getting him an awesome starter like a Charmander or Mudkip. The point is that a Pokemon gift for your good-for-nothing kid is one to impress that smug Gary Oak kid, provided of course, that he doesn't have a much cooler Pokemon like Eevee or Snorlax. If you give your son an item that he could use in Gym battles, you are effectively helping him reach the Elite 4. Take the time to find out just which Pokemon your son (or someone in your town who looks fat and lonely enough) needs or wants. You can get starter Pokemon ideas by talking to a local professor. Somehow, somewhere, your son's first Pokemon will need to be caught. Knowing who and what to ask, you could come up with many ideas for an awesome Pokemon in no time. -SushiGummy