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  1. So I was playing BattleBlock Theater Xbox Live Arena and I went into the gift shop and traded with someone. He had at least 20 star heads and most of them I have never seen before. There were heads that looked like a boot and a head that was a fan and all these heads that are clearly unavailable at the moment. Did anyone see something similar? I am not lying but I am sorry that I have no photo. I have all the star heads available including the newest UFO head, so I know this is strange. Are these heads available in game as a secret or did this guy hack? Also when I started trading with him he immediatley left the game. He wanted to show me his stuff without me getting evidence of his hacking.


    I will try to get his gamertag the next time I see something like this again.

    I was acctually in a game with I think the same guy b4 too he was talking to my friend and we were in the party I don't know if he was living but I was asking to see all the other heads cuz he said he had them and he said " dude I'm not going to show you I'm going to get banned" and he left the party and game he also said when i asked him about the head that its only a fan and a boot but it had to be more then that. This happend maybe a 2 weeks ago

  2. I hit my cuzin when we were playing coop campaign and I punched him into the water but he jumped right out ever since then he was immune to everything we got all the gems and yarn but then I was at the end of the level and he was pretty far so he suicided to get to me, it stopped after that