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  1. It's been SO long since I've been here.

  2. It's been a while since I've been here. Began playing Pit People on Steam not too long ago. lol

  3. Sorry if I'm hardly one here. Too busy on Mixels Wiki.

    1. Hatty Hominid

      Hatty Hominid

      Are we not good enough anymore?!?!

  4. Derekis


    Hi guys! It's me, Derekis! You may have not seen me in a while. That's because I'm highly into a series called Mixels. What are Mixels? They are small creatures who can combine with each other to form into new creatures. But watch out for the Nixels, they want to ruin the fun for the Mixels. For more Mixels information, Go here: Also, check out Mixels Wiki, the 1# Mixels fansite. Oh! Did I mention that I'm an admin on Mixels Wiki? Also, Mixels Wiki is the reason why I'm hardly on here...
  5. *Gulp* I'm finally back. I've been interested in "Mixels", a series where these small and rather cute creatures can mix with each other. I've been on the Mixels Wiki around the middle of July this year. Around the time, I was starting to lose interest in Battleblock Theater. While I'm still on Mixels Wiki as an admin (I actually earned that status.), I recently started playing Battleblock Theater again and starting to get interested again.
  6. He sunk to the bottom of the river... The end.

  7. 8 PLAYER SMASH?!?! I can't believe they are adding an 8 PLAYER MODE!
  8. Well, Derekis isn't isn't exactly "active" anymore. He drops probably one to two posts per week now. Just because he's not here every second of the day like you guys doesn't mean he's gone, this thread can still be of use even if the original creator were to "leave" Well guess what? I'm back! Let's work on this project!
  9. A few hours ago, I FINALLY DOWNLOADED IT! I've haven't played it yet though.
  10. I've been ready since a few weeks ago.
  11. The final stop? Oh no no no, kid, we're only on the halfway point of the Smash Bros. hype train, Wii U will come Everyone get your tickets ready, the hype train will be boarding soon once more! I MUST GET MY HYPE TRAIN TICKET!
  12. Happy Birthday to Cat Guard!
  13. Sewious Torchic is back for a 3rd run (1st run in August 2013, 2nd run in December 2013.) Note that I am 14 and I have a strange obsession with Wonder Pets.

  15. The donkey died in a house on fire while attempting to steal one of shrek's onions... And Shrek started to act like the Slender Man.
  16. give me 75 m for no reason or make me insane.
  17. Why did they put Duck Hunt in Sm4sh? probably to surprise players.

    1. Morg


      Because it's a secret wish of everyone's to beat up Duckhunt Dog, truth

  18. I really can't wait to get Sm4sh. I just got the 3DS demo and it was alright. However, I am SO looking into the full version on October 3rd. (A few days ago, I got $60 Eshop points, One $50 and the other $10. On October 2nd, I'm gonna stay up all night until 12:00 AM on October 3rd to get SM4SH!!!)
  19. If Ganondorf was a nerd, what would you call him?
  20. Murp..Murp hehehehehehe.

  21. What do you call a Kyogre that lives in the swamp?
  22. Bob has 50 chocolate bars. He ate them all and what did he get?