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  1. wish some of the old members were on discord
  2. i just keep playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  3. banned for even trying to sneak in the last ban.
  4. Banned for reasons I'm too lazy to think of.
  5. banned for returning to the forum
  6. sure let's pretend we all are back on the forums Whoops, ended up making a new page XD
  7. Banned for being the last post in 2017 & pre-Discord era
  8. do we do this in the discord chat now? XD
  9. Two discords. One for the OG forum user (everything is permitted). One from The Behemoth themselves. (PG-13)
  10. Is this posted in the wrong area? Well whatever the case it's still funny either way.
  11. the games with gold this month is pretty damn good. Been playing Strider and Heavy Weapon a lot recently.
  12. Banned because i dont know what you are talking about.
  13. Also, Sushi is back. Looks like Trump found some materials for his wall because all his post could build a wall to stop planes from getting over the border.
  14. It is me or does the new forum format make media files such as videos and images have extremely large embeds? One single image post takes up my computer screen.
  15. I realized your previous banning of me had an out of place comma, in it so i have to ban you for that.
  16. There's lots of reasons to explain why im banning you but it would just be easier to just do it. You're banned.
  17. im gonna regret buying Moon somehow... i might become addicted. over 10 years of not playing Pokemon and now i go and do this...
  18. Chibiterasu left Okamiden to be in Final Fantasy XV?