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  1. I dont think i want another steam roller and if they do give one out i hope it is a free head instead of a fubingtons head.
  2. There is no point of trading heads for heads unless you can get the head back by doing furbingtons features again. i myself missed out on every head during august but in 1 hour today i managed to buy then all (100 each) and i even got one for free
  3. Hello everyone my GT: mikeylive98 my playlist is called: Mikes adventure playlist type: solo adventure I have just finished my solo adventure called Mikes adventure. This is a full solo adventure with 3 time trials and a secret level This playlist has partsthat are difficult but fair so please play, rate and have fun note: this is my first time making an adventure map so if there is anything i could improve please feel free to comment bellow. also please have a look at my other maps Regicide and super cool pl. supercoolpl-http://forums.thebehemoth.com/index.php?/topic/15215-mikeys-mixed-arena-playlist/ Regicide-http://forums.thebehemoth.com/index.php?/topic/15201-regicide/
  4. i am currently working on an adventure playlist and this forums is really helpful for getting your playlist viewed. i had and arena playlist online (Regicide) for about 2 weeks and only got about 5 downloads then i posted on this forum and it shot up to 100+ in 3 days
  5. Ok guys so i was on the main menu today and i saw a purple prisoner in the background with a big chin. I kinda liked him so i decided to put it on but when i tried to change my head he wasn't there and i have all the heads including all star heads that have been released. anyone know how to get him?
  6. when ever you do local arena they add a bot to the match to make up for the missing players.
  7. i think some people just hack so they have gems and cant be bothered to play a great game so they just buy the heads. im my oppinion it would probably take longer to trade 3000 gems then it would to do furbottoms features.
  8. hey dude i'm pretty sure its behemoth chicken and not behemoth furbottom.
  9. Hello everyone my GT is: mikeylive98 my playlist is called: supercoolpl playlist type: Arena Hi guys i have made a second playlist and yes i do know that the name is crappy but do not be discouraged this playlist is a mix of all the different arena game types except for challenge. (I wanted to save any adventure map ideas for my adventure playlist) The first set is all king of the hill The second set is a mix between grab the gold, colour the world and soul snatcher The third set it all ball game The fourth set is all capture the pig The fifth set is all muckle Thank you for reading have fun and please leave any comments telling what you liked and how i could improve it.
  10. I did solo and it was fairly easy except for finale 2 i kept failing at the buzz saws near the end
  11. Why does everyone want Winston so badly??
  12. I have almost finished it solo and have started on co-op but i recommend you do it with a friend or someone you know because you will get frustrated!
  13. I think that number 1 is fake because within the first week she already had 7000 gems
  14. He meant that Battleblock Theater is a direct prequel to Alien Hominid, as it shows that the giant laser from the hat blasted Hominid's ship out of the sky, not the FBI. No i think you'r over thinking it, in my opinion they only put that in the game to confuse the audience and make speculations so that we would come to the forum and talk about it, which is what we did.... IT WAS ALL PART OF BEHEMOTHS GRAND PLAN!!
  15. That may be true but it would still be cool to have all my friends on my team rather then us having to play against each other.