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    Still in the Behemoth dream boat, but school concludes soon. I need to meet these guys, and I need a cat. Life goals, life goals..
  1. World yes hello world, I forgot I had this account, and then I remembered every awesome person here and found my way back! I miss you guys terribly, and I hope to get more involved again. I hope everyone had a great Halloween OuO

  2. Heyooo everyone! I am so pumped for my first day of work after training at Dunkin Donuts! Though their hours are nuts... I still hope to work for the Behemoth one day, and now I am searching for colleges! Woot!

  3. So it has been horribly long since I have been on here ;A; How is everyone? Life was depressing and my family is a bunch of butts, but I am moved out from them and doing better! How are you all?? ((Pssssst.. Who is going to PAX East 2016? ))

    1. M80


      I'm doing fantastic. Sadly I will not be attending PAX.

    2. GoldenGhost


      Oh hey I remember you! It has been a while, I'm glad to hear you're doing better now that you've moved out. :)

      I'm not planning on going to PAX East next year, but I did go to PAX Prime a few weeks ago. It's a total blast, you'll have tons of fun. (Pro tip: go to any company panels you can. I went to a Telltale Games panel and they gave out copies of their entire collection of games for free to everyone in the audience. It was whack.)

  4. Hatty117

    Game 4 - Xbox One

    Gosh I am so excited for this game!! ((I am a little late XD)) And the shirt looks so cool!!
  5. I drew pictures and I am happy with them!

    1. BehemothChicken
    2. Acacia44


      Would you be willing to draw a picture for me?

  6. Here is another one just in case
  7. I'll draw you a profile pic dude! And don't worry about money uwu But it will be a hand made drawing! (I hope that is okay..)
  8. I am writing a story uwu

    1. M80


      What kind of story?

  9. Hello Behemoth community! I have made a goal since New Years to write a story based on BBT (and I finally started)! I wasn't sure if this fit under fan art :3 But I will make posts with two chapters at a time. There will also be six or more chapters, so I will keep everyone updated! I will just make posts each time I post two new parts of the story. So with a happiness, here is my first two chapters! (Please comment for suggestions and stuff!) Battleblock Theater A tale of friendships, trials, and gems… By Hatty117 Chapter 1: At the Place in Which I Wish I am Not Everything had gone so well for the past few days, and not a single thing went wrong. But, everyone had not fathomed the storm that was bubbling and gurgling up ahead. Hatty Hattington, a man that was never upset, who never said no to giving away his ice cream, and most importantly, would never betray a friend, sat on a chair in the bright sunlight, letting it absorb into his pale white skin. The skies seemed to be slowly growing darker as the S.S. Friendship trecked on further into the endless sea. Hatty, after fallng alseep for a bit on the ride, woke up upon hearing the sound of lightning crack the dark blue abyss. Startled and a little scared, Hatty said quickly; “W-what’s going on my dear friends? I heard lightning, and the quick following thunder afterwards.” The array of friends on the ship also looked to be in quite a scared state, so as well as he could, Hatty reached over and gave everyone a hug. Hatty could tell the felt more calm after that. “Trust me, nothing is going to-“ Hatty was stopped in mid-sentence, the lightning cracking inches away from their boat. All of the lovely and peaceful friends were now starting to feel a tightness in their throats, and a swelling of tears in their eyes. Hatty, although just as scared as everyone else, mustered up the courage to smile at some of the youngest passengers. “Everything will be fine. I-“ Suddenly a wave bigger than their boat came crashing down on the surface of the S.S. Friendship, shaking the ship, and almost pulling all of the passengers off the ship. Hatty did a head count, and made sure that everyone was there. “ Thank goodness you are all here! I don’t know what I would do if I even lost one of you!” The skies seemed to be clearing, but a few people, and mostly Hatty, were still jumping out of their pants to get away from the storm. “Full speed ahead!” Hatty yelled, gesturing his hand to move. The S.S. Friendship creaked as the gears began to move faster than their usual pace, and Hatty sighed a beautiful sigh of relief. No one is gone. Nothing bad will happen. Its just a bit a stormy day… Thought Hatty to himself, making sure not to talk aloud in attempts to not scare the passengers and friends any more than they are. Then, as many stories have foretold, the eye of the storm can be very misleading. The lighting came rushing back, the seas with their awful salt, and a gigantic whale all came at once, confusing and terrifying the many friends on board. Suddenly the waves splashed harshly against the side of the boat, shaking it, and sending friends and passengers alike into the black hole that was the sea. Hatty yelped and reached a hand out, holding onto as many friends as possible as the ship rocked to and fro. Hatty gathered all of his strength and squeeze who he had with him in a tight hug, and didn’t let go, his throat tight from anxiety. Hatty, only for a split second looked up at the sea, and noticed they were going full speed at an island, and the S.S. Friendship would surely crash. “Hold on!!” Yelled Hatty in the kindest way he could yell, keeping a tight grip on the few friends he had left. The moment the ship crashed seemed to go to fast to understand, but so slow like a dream. The tip of the S.S Friendship crumpled under the weight and velocity of the ship’s forward motion, then the sides cracked, wood and metal shattering and flinging itself into the air, and all the friends that Hatty had been holding so dearly flew from his grasp, and slammed into the island. It was like flying, but hitting the deep brown, damp sand was not escapable. Hatty’s eyes closed shut as he prepared for the landing, and not even a count of three could have made this landing hurt less. Hatty slammed into the rocky, sandy beach, and felt everything swirl and glide across his vision. He had just enough energy to look at his left, in which an entrance was. Unbelievable large, beady-eyed cats came stomping over with ropes, and Hatty’s vision soon failed him. Everything was dark… Chapter 2: In Need Hatty’s eyes felt like they had sand-bags attached to them, so opening his eyes was quite the workout. He soon realized that he was not on the sandy beach, and in fact, not alone at this very moment. He felt numb from the impact on the hit coming off of the S.S. Friendship, that was no longer a ship at all, but a pile of wood to burn a fire with. Hatty saw two pairs of beady eyes, black as the night sky, staring at him in which he guessed was in waiting. Finally, Hatty groaned, and the abnormal cats jumped a little, and took out a hat. This hat, this hat they held in front of him, seemed to be glowing a deep red, and it illuminated some negative vibes. “…Hurry! Put hat on little person!” Said the first of the two huge cats. Hatty, finally coming to his senses knew that this hat was not a good thing to be wearing for any reason what so ever. But, as he began to squirm and wriggle against the other cats grasp, the tightness around him became tighter. Hatty yelped and cried, hoping someone would save him. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a little man with horns and a little beard starting at the tip of the chin, blocked by bars to where he could be to save Hatty. The hat was lowered down onto Hatty’s head, and it seemed to be a perfect fit. Then, the orange, evil, cat let go of Hatty and tears became a constant stream down his face. The red aura around the hat had enclosed his entire body, and he started to float in the air. The young friend who Hatty had seen in his last few moments before doom broke loose, hid behind a giant water well, in hopes that the cats, and the now crying Hatty, would not find him. But, as soon as he hid, and stepped on a creaking floor board. The heads of the two enormous cats and the floating Hatty turned in his general direction, and spotted him shivering in the corner near the water well. The cats both stomped over, and yanked this poor fellow by his arms, and carried him over to a place unknown, deep into the chilling air. Finally they arrived at what looked like a fancy brig, made for fancy prisoners. The cats unlocked the door, and threw the poor, confused, little man into the cell. He landed hard on his back, and he thought that surviving a ship crash was enough pain at the moment. He gazed around the room, and noticed a bed. The bed looked filthy, and dusty, but he crawled over to it anyways, and tucked himself, starting to sob a bit. What will happen to Hatty? Will we ever get out of here? What trials lay before us?? Thought the new Prisoner, finally starting to lull off to sleep. To be continued... ((P.S. I tend to make my stories a little sad by accident... I hope this story isn't to sad ;m; ))
  10. Wooooooosssssshhhhhh

  11. How have you all been?

  12. I trust you all enough to tell you that I want to be called Mikah. *hides*

  13. I will join in on the story telling! So when I was younger, I loved baseball. So, knowing how much I loved it, my dad made a little 4 person team out of my siblings and I. But, he gave us all names to go along with having a team. My brothers was Skinner, my sisters was Speedy, and I was... Stool Softener... My dad, being the evil man he was, didn't tell me what the name meant.. So, as my little 7 year old self, I was SO excited to have a team, and a name. So can you guys guess what I did? That's right... I went around and told everyone. I was so curious as to why everyone laughed at me when I said my awesome title. By the time I was twelve my dad finally told me what it meant... And I cried, flailed and kicked and screamed from all the embarrassment of all those years. So that is my story XD Hopefully it gets a good giggle or two out of some people!
  14. Has anyone here read Kitchen Princess? It was the first manga I ever really read :3 It has a good story, and recipes in the back! I totally suggest it!