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    Still in the Behemoth dream boat, but school concludes soon. I need to meet these guys, and I need a cat. Life goals, life goals..

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  1. So it has been horribly long since I have been on here ;A; How is everyone? Life was depressing and my family is a bunch of butts, but I am moved out from them and doing better! How are you all?? ((Pssssst.. Who is going to PAX East 2016? ))

    1. M80


      I'm doing fantastic. Sadly I will not be attending PAX.

    2. GoldenGhost


      Oh hey I remember you! It has been a while, I'm glad to hear you're doing better now that you've moved out. :)

      I'm not planning on going to PAX East next year, but I did go to PAX Prime a few weeks ago. It's a total blast, you'll have tons of fun. (Pro tip: go to any company panels you can. I went to a Telltale Games panel and they gave out copies of their entire collection of games for free to everyone in the audience. It was whack.)