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  1. 90gph is not that much if I wanted. I can get more than that playing challenge on local in my fastest/favorite level. I can consistently finish it in 23-25 sec plus it only takes like what? 5-8 extra seconds to restart so that's like 30-33 sec. so 8gpm kinda assuming I don't mess up even then it would still be under 30 sec so yeah. I did this to get all the heads and I had em all in 2 days without trading and I was only halfway done with story(still am) but I wasn't as fast as I am now.
  2. doesn't have to be 3DS. just a DS game like PvZ.
  3. Take it out of ranked and arena! just make it available only for campaign. also, behemoth should do something about client/2nd player lag.
  4. Dam must play through all 15 I usually give 100 for just one mukle win!Warning hes pretty good I played him. he really is good he gave me 30 losses!!! I learned a lot of new techniques and now thanks to him I'm almost unbeatable.
  5. Only thing I like/dominate in is challenge. ball game is boring.(IMO)
  6. each time someone tries to troll me with the in and out of the gift shop I spawn trap them with the acid bubble till they leave. Did it to one person 3 minutes straight before they finally left.
  7. I would like the toast, Winston and donut please. I'll donate(not pay) 300 gems in return for your generosity. my childish GT: Mastalon69
  8. happens to me in challenge about 90% of the time. I pay them to finish the entire thing and they say ok.