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  1. So after logging in today and unlocking new prisoners, I have to change my story. Clearly the 25% off prisoner came marching out of a sword fight victorious as he cut down his victim to 50% of the man he once was. 50% off prisoner will now never get a head in life, and because of that, has the most dangerous side story! ...unless there's a poor unfortunate 75% off prisoner out there who hasn't emerged from the field of battle... Ouch...
  2. Banana


    Who here has played limbo and liked it????
  3. Any clue why the heck the behemoths logo is a chicken??????
  4. Well i thought that the Idea for the short movie clips came from runner 2 like that part of the inspiration.
  5. Hey just wondering but did any of the ideas for bbt come from runner 2?
  6. Banana

    Xbox One

    For those who don't want this I heard ( don't sue me if I'm wrong) that at the same time the Xbox 1 is released a Xbox 720 (not as fancy as the Xbox 1 probably).
  7. So true! Apples and oranges? Apples and oranges!? Don't ever forget the banana. You've perfectly displayed something known as double posting, which is against the rules around these parts. No one is mad at you, in fact everyone loves you (except for Koen because he's a grinch who stole Kwanzaa), but please refrain from doing this. Now, there is a little button underneath all of your posts that says "Edit" just click that and put in whatever you like! So next timeyou have something to say right after you already said something, just use edit. For more information on this mysterious being known as rules, check here I'd suggest getting familiar with them (waits for someone to find the hypocrisy in this sentence). Now on the flipside/flopside, welcome to the forums! I like your avatar, and I would have to say that I like BattleBlock Theater more than Castle Crashers at this moment, never played a game with such solid platforming in my life! Whoops!!!
  8. Apples and oranges? Apples and oranges!? Don't ever forget the banana.
  9. Nope, just how much times you posted /commented. for the specifics see this: I can't believe I've had to post this list for the fourth time now... why don't you guys just use the search bar. Oh.. ok now I get it.