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  1. Yup! That's my shoulder. If you read the comments you can find out more about what it is. It's not cancerous or anything to worry about... that's all I cared about. I will actually be posting a new video of it within the next few weeks if anyone is interested. hahaha. I drain it once every year. Also, I talked with PSY3guyguy... (if I am remembering his gamertag right) and he said he got tons and tons of hate mail. So I can only imagine that 8bitten has a million times more than that. I'm just glad that none of my messages are hate mail.
  2. I get friend request after pretty much any game I play. I don't add anyone really because my list is so full all the time. It sucks to have to delete people all the time. So I made the rule that I only add people that talk to me and seem genuinely interested in having me as a friend on xbox rather than just have the status of being my friend. So no offense, Spoon! The massive wave of millions of people wanting to add me as simmered down quite a bit. If you want to add me, feel free. You too, Mr. Hatty or anyone else. If you want to be my friend, feel free to add me. Send a message though and say something. That's usually how I pick up new friends is the friendship given back to me... lol. KING FRIEND OF FRIENDSHIP KINGDOM!!! MWHA Anyways, the GT is: V Pustote
  3. Hey Undead Ninya!! I wasn't sure if that was you getting on and off online. I've been on the last few days.... I've been doing terrible in the life department, so I started playing games again. Watch for me, I will totally play some ball if you are on!
  4. WOW! It's crazy to think that Morby Time took almost a full year to catch up with my global leaderboard position. He's third global and barely past this gem count. Good luck, Morby Time! Soon you will be second in the world.
  5. As most of you know, I kind of disappeared for awhile. I do know that Battleblock is becoming popular again because of it being free for gold members. But seriously, stop adding me as a friend. Everyday now for the past two weeks, I have been deleting new friend requests. My friend requests fill up so fast that I can't keep up with them. Then I get tons of messages saying that they want to be my friend or questions about BBT. I can't be friends with everyone in the world, I can't possibly play with everyone single one of you, I'm not about to hand out free gems or heads, no I do not duplicate heads, nor do I care to know any cool duplication tricks, I know that people are catching up to me in the leaderboards, I also know that I am a loser and no-life hack and POS, are my gems legit? yes, do I think unshippedhalo02 is cheating? yes, duh, how did I get most of my gems? challenge solo/ball... anything else? Please stop sending me messages and friend requests. I've stopped playing the game except for an occasional ball game here and there. If you really, really have to know something, ask around. Most people know the answer to anything you can possibly ask me.
  6. Interesting. In all seriousness... they would make some cool cats to fight. Although, I imagine they would be 10 times more annoying than the other cats.
  7. I always wanted to see a plunger. If you have ever seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It would work kind of like the dart gun except when you hit someone. When you hit someone, it would pin them against the wall. Also, an umbrella. It would be nice to pull the umbrella to have a nice slow descent just like Mary Poppins. **** A lot of the weapons I keep hearing are too violent or actual weapons. I think if they were ever to do any, they would need to be non-violent and comical. I still think the game at heart is more of a puzzle game.
  8. I thought we could only vote once? ...and that our second attempt would override the first? Also, are you going to match up all the IP addresses to what Backup said: phone, friend, neighbors, work, McDonald's, etc. This is your contest, why would I make my own ... I offered a better way.
  9. You never mentioned that people can vote 10 million times? I'm not concerned whether or not you are trustworthy, Koen.
  10. I'm not worried about that Ghost. I'm worried that anyone... and pretty much EVERYONE can vote anywhere from 1 to 100000000000 times... As many times as they want. So the winner is basically going to be whoever is dedicated enough to vote 20-50 times a day.
  11. Koen, I'm going to have to say that making polls (two or three threads if necessary) would have been a better idea. Not only can we see everyone's vote in real time, but no one can cheat and vote more than once. And to top it off, we have to believe you in the results. How do we know that you were "gentleman" and chose what people actually cheat voted for... I mean only voted once for? I call re-vote with polls for the Definitive Voting Round.
  12. I'm still really, really confused by this... it sounds like there are 2 people, but it turns into 3. It starts off with two people, superBRADY and his friend [name withheld] who is a modder. Then "we" wake up in the morning. I assumed the "we" meant his friend [name withheld] and not a turd in his pocket. BUT it just doesn't read that way. It sounds like you and someone else got modded by your friend [name withheld]. What is really going on? P.S. I've met this guy [name withheld] on xbox. He changed his name to be similar to mine. I would love to tell you what it means in Russian, but that would just give his name away. So Memor, definitely not my alter ego.
  13. I will give you props for saying it was fake. That does take courage. I also figured you had to plan this out because of how cleverly you and you friends planned this out, making the hoax into a question, putting up fake evidence, etc.. was all clever and smart It would've been perfect if people didn't try to lie and say they found it (which is impossible to keep from happening) and if you made up a fake way of how to get to it and that it was so obscured that no one will attempt it, and if they do it, no one will believe them. As for the walk cycle, I do believe you put allot of time in it, and it looked legit. The only problem is that The Behemoth took months to make Battle Block Theater, and even more time adding stuff in to make it even more perfect. If the boss did exist, they would of put a more complicated walk cycle that would take more than weeks to make. You did do a good job though, its just to make it seem The Behemoth did make it you would to have to make it look like it walks and all that complicated stuff; which would be a waste of effort and time if your doing it just for a hoax. Good job over all, but making a hoax to trick people is still a pretty jerk-ish thing to do, whether effort was put into or not. Thanks, Gman. I don't think I could have spent that long creating an actual animated character. But you are absolute right, there would have been more working parts. I just didn't have the time or skill to go that in depth. But as far as a plan... nope, no plan. Backup Sidekick told me his great idea and then I just repeated it in a thread almost immediately and it went from there. I remember making the video and searching for Cat Guard images and thinking... "dang it, why did I say it was a stupid cat guard."
  14. "...props for the effort, I guess" he says. HAHA! You probably put more effort into disproving me, as I did to make the video. Wanna hear something funny? My original comment to you in your Coke Haxor thread was this: "Looks like a 10 year old found photoshop." But I edited it because I didn't want to be rude... even though I knew you were lying right then and there.