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  1. Oh yes. Best suggestion yet. well, besides the zombies. zombies don't really fit castle crashers
  2. Hi guys, Which of the starting characters do you like the best? (Red Knight, Blue Knight, Orange Knight, Green Knight) Give reasons please! I am partial to the orange knight, because his splash has the widest range and most pushing power, and he is the only orange character in the game. Also, most people like to play as the red or green knight as starters, so it's cool to play as someone not usually played as.
  3. you can use 2 controllers ya know. My opinion is that I actually work better with the keyboard because I do have an Xbox controller and the thing to connect it to the PC but I don't use it because it just feels weird. This is helpful, but I have already played quite a lot on my friends' XBOX 360 controllers, so I was wondering if the keyboard is easy to get used to.
  4. I play castle crashers often at my friends' house, but I do not have an XBOX or a PS3. I am going to get it for steam, and most people say that the keyboard controls are bad, but how bad are they, and is it worth it to buy a wired XBOX 360 controller for my PC for 10$? can I use the controller for anything else?
  5. I don't have a twitter so not doing this contest, but, out of curiosity, what is the watermelon CD?
  6. Wish I had a twitter and had seen this an hour ago. too late now. good luck to everyone competing
  7. Considering how Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin already have character sprites, and how they are strong enough and awesome enough to knock hundreds of pixels off the screen with one high five, I think that they should definitely be characters.
  8. Thanks so much! the wiki is especially helpful for deciding what characters toplayas