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  1. Three cheers for Anna! Please show us what's inside... and reveal the Necromancer's true identity. P.S. I'm not sure what game does CC remind people of. What is the answer, please?
  2. http://www.annathere...ime-2010-day-3/ I didn't make it, but I'm really curious as to what's inside the comic. Apparently, there's only a handful of copies of this. Could Anna or Dan show us pictures of its contents? That would be greatly appreciated.
  3. You get a calculus workbook. Have fun working through the problems without your calculator! I put in my foot.
  4. English: Visitors to the center will have their tickets punched. Japanese: センターへの訪問者は彼らのチケットはパンチがあります。 Engrish: Visitors to the center of their ticket has a punch.
  5. After looking at the sideways view of the giant cat, the first thing that I thought of was Synj. Pointy ears, claws, wide grin, similar head shape, the only differences I found were the color and flatter head (Synj has a more pronounced curve on the top of his head and slightly smaller eyes). For a comparison: http://www.newground...rtal/view/79158 I wonder how Dan's older work inspires him to draw newer ones.
  6. That's a tough one. But I'll say learn Dan Paladin's ways. It'll be cool to join the Behemoth, but nothing's worthwhile if you don't learn from it. Would you rather: Eat food with broken glass Or have lemon juice in your eyes?
  7. >_< Can't wait til these things come out at the Behemoth store.
  8. The silverware gets into an argument about whose qualities are superior - the spork's versatility or the fork's specialization. You are now forced to eat with your hands. Use lead apron with acrobat.
  9. I first heard about the game back in 2007. I've played the flash version on Newgrounds back then. Haven't played the full game until late 2008, which is the HD version.
  10. There's enough room for 11
  11. The staff are disappointed that you didn't bring actual sodas, so they kick you out. Use balloon on hamster.
  12. Now we know where the giant bat's name comes from.
  13. I remember that the restaurant, the Chockey Chicken, managed to stay on the show a looong time until they changed it to the Chewy Chicken, but I don't think that changes things very much.
  14. I think I would never eat again. Maybe it'll come in handy in a survival situation Would you rather never take a shower again, or never brush your teeth again?