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  1. I thought this was was discussion about a clan no? Dan himself has already come in here and told everybody to chill out, so please back on topic?
  2. I'll give you 800 for Winston if you still have it up for trades. GT: Imma Vajazzle U I think it's the other way around.
  3. I like it except for the last part, How are the trader's supposed to get heads if everybody in is looking for them?
  4. On another forum it's a "thing" to use this picture but slightly edited every Friday, 'case you were wondering how I got this magnificent picture.
  5. I'm gonna use partialy disturbing picture of a Manly Marisa.I regret nothing!
  6. Well you know it is in the Castle Crashers section.... On-Topic:Sorry OP I don't have it
  7. CaptainBubbles

    Xbox One

    Agreed on both parts, Also another thing that Helped my decision Is that it's cheaper(albeit not by much, But every little bit counts) And I have a feeling my family would kick my a** If I did what Hatty did.
  8. Exactly and for some reason i never see people from this forum in-game. *Gasp* The whole forum is a scam! Nobody here actually owns or plays Battleblock Theater!!!! Oh Snap! They were actually playing Castle Crashers this Whole time!
  9. I think we have to be female Game grumps, So who's who here, Are you gonna be Arin or Jon? I'm going to be Suzy the Goose if Female characters win so you can have either one. But I guess if you want to partner avatar then I'll be Jon. If you dont want to that's fine, I'm not forcing you and ill probably be another charecter if female charcters wins.
  10. I think we have to be female Game grumps, So who's who here, Are you gonna be Arin or Jon?
  11. The only thing I want to win is game grumps avatars.
  12. Free Edgar 2013

    1. Memor



  13. Ok send me a message when he's online cus i dont have him as a friend
  14. I think I have to go with IK for game grumps so when I get on my computer I'll vote for it.