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  1. I had a lot of fun playing these levels. Up there with the most challenging. I liked the color scheme used in Finale1 and Finale2 as well. The hidden level was really good. I struggled getting the times in Normal and had to redo several of the levels many times in order to get it. Also, in order to do Insane Finale2, I had to go back to Normal and practice a few times. One minor complaint is on 3-1 (I think...) when you had to drop jump between two spike blocks in order to go through the hidden blocks for the hidden gem. That was a real pain on Insane mode. I call it a minor complaint only though because it was near the beginning and the rest of the level was comparatively easy - once you got that hidden gem, excluding any random or dumb mistakes, finishing was almost a gaurantee. I've rated the last several playlists very highly so I hate to sound like a broken record, but really good job on this playlist. Obviously a lot of time was put in it. I gave it a 5/5.
  2. Amazing playlist. Very well done. Love the creativity and the difficulty. 6/5 I agree with Krang, the addition of the soccer ball element from Arena mode in the levels was awesome. I laughed out loud during Finale1 when a duck shark rode an FBI agent, which was riding a pig. I'd like to list everything that I found unique and that I liked, but that would take quite a long list, so alternatively, I'll just say thanks again MisterrQuentin! You are the duckshark master!
  3. Hi guys -- we haven't heard of this before, so we'll need a little information from you. What connection quality do you have with each other? You can find this out by having one of you host an Arena game of any mode, then have the other person select to join an Arena game in that mode. The connection quality will be written as a word descriptor (such as Good, Excellent, Terrible, etc.) and you will also see some ping information. When you play this section in regular difficulty, was the client (or "guest") also dying in the tiny hallway every time (since you weren't in insane, it makes sense to us that you would still be able to pass the section because of the BBT spawn system)? Hi Lindsay, Thank you for taking the time to address our issue. We did not know that you could check connection quality between a host and a client in Arena mode, so we did not do so. That is a valuable piece of information that we could use in the future if needed, so thanks! The instant death did not occur on the client side when we were playing Normal co-op mode. It was on a different date as when we were attempting Insane mode, so the connection quality may have been different at that time. My partner is in southern cali and I am in silicon valley, so I don't think distance is the issue. I have a lot of devices on my personal network (blue ray player, xbox 360, google tv, desktop#1, desktop#2, personal laptop, work laptop, ipod, iphone, etc., etc.). I guess I didn't have to check their state when we were playing Normal mode, however, when the issue did arise in Insane mode, I did make sure all other devices were in the Hibernation state, at the very least. Maybe what I could do in the future is once all non-essential devices are turned off or hibernating, I could reset my modem and router in order to clear any latent standby/idle bit-pipes (um, I'm not a network guy, but I think that word is descriptive enough). Since there is another week of Momentum Monster and Co-Momentum Monster, we will give the Finale#2 in Insane mode another shot and will report the issue if it arises again. Thanks again for your help Lindsay! Happy New Year to you!
  4. On Comomentum Monster, Insane Co-op Mode, Finale #2, there's a small tunnel 1 block high. The top is all Spike blocks, the bottom is all Triggered Lift blocks. It is right after you jump from either the Monkey Bar or Explosive blocks into the cat with the vacuum. We have figured out the puzzle on how to deactivate the Triggered Lift Blocks and getting to the entrance of the tunnel as we have already a++'d all Co-op Normal mode levels/finales/encores on Comomemtum Monster. Once the Triggered Lift blocks are deactivated, however, my partner and I cannot get past this section. 1. When I host, he instantly dies when entering the 1-block high tunnel. 2. When he hosts, I instantly die when entering the 1-block tunnel. With the Triggered Lift blocks deactivated, the only way you can die by the spikes would be to purposely jump up into them. We did not have this issue in Normal Co-op mode - only Insane Co-op mode. Since the problem is following the 'guest' (as opposed to the host), could this issue be due to lag? I'm not sure how lag could possibly cause a spike to trigger and other than swapping hosts, I'm not sure what else I can do to troubleshoot the issue.
  5. I take it back! Thought I would try one more hail mary w/ 7 seconds left on the game clock and Present has been re-released! I logged on to FF at 12:34 PM PT! Wow, that was a close one!
  6. Darn. Just logged in to FF at ~12:30 PM PT. Was hoping for a Present prisoner re-release as I thought this would be the most-appropriate day to re-release it... it's the only prisoner I'm missing. I'll be out of town for the next 1.5 days and won't be able to log on to xbox. Hope I don't miss anything!
  7. Awesome playlist Behemoth! Well designed! Co-op was challenging, resulting in 3 rage quits of my random partners before I completed it with a 4th player from Germany who was really cool. Solo had it's challenges as well. I love playlists that test your thinking as well as your timing/dexterity at the same time. I'm going to see if anyone will play Insane co-op with me.
  8. When the co-op levels are featured, I usually redo a level on the featured solo playlist in order to get the prisoner, but that wasn't working this time, even after the issues that arose over the weekend I'm reading about above and on the 'Any Issues w/ Furbottom's Features' thread were fixed. I've never played co-op bbt before, and I'm glad I did. That was really fun. I hosted a random player and was lucky that the person was really cool. I had a lot of fun, and it's really funny when you and your partner die repeatedly on the same thing, especially the dumb mistakes. I gave the playlist a 4/5. I have no co-op experience to really critique the playlist, but because of today, that is definitely going to change. The king prisoner has got to be my favorite so far.
  9. Awhile back, around Apr-May (can't remember the exact date) I said a pretty mean comment about a challenging playlist. I was thinking it was Cmoneyno23's first featured playlist, but it wasn't. It was actually Mugi's. I think my exact words were ', I actually didn't have fun playing bbt...' As you did, at the time I rated that playlist the lowest possible score. Believe me when I say that as you gain more experience, you will regret rating a challenging playlist with a low score and posting a derogatory comment w/ little to no constructive criticism. In the future, I hope you will learn to appreciate the creativity and challenge of the playlists that Mugi, Cmoneyno23 and now Misterrquentin (also, the playlist awhile ago w/ the Red Alert level - can't recall the creator off hand) put their time into creating because they are few and far between the overly easy featured playlists. The campaign levels can only get you so far. If you take the time, the playlists made by these guys really elevate your thinking and skill level. Another thought to consider - the featured community playlists are a very clever way Behemoth saves you money as you can play new levels w/o needing to purchase DLC (that being said, personally, I would purchase bbt dlc in a heartbeat!).
  10. These levels are so good. Great job misterrquentin. You got a well-deserved 5/5 from me.
  11. I came to Furbottom's Features late, missing Purham, Winston and Donuts. I got Purham recently, Winston on a re-release and Donuts on National Donuts Day. I haven't missed one since, and it's kind of frustrating to miss Hooshmand, but I think that the more people who state their case, the more willing Behemoth will be to re-release him. There are several Fridays when we get multiple star heads. I can foresee a Friday where multiple heads are released, one being a Hooshmand re-release.
  12. This playlist had a few unique elements to it, and I respect all designers who take time to design an entire playlist (I definitely never have) to give us new levels to play, but overall I wish the levels were more challenging. The nose prisoner is pretty funny. I like it.
  13. The solo playlist this week had fun and challenging levels. Great job. Cmoneyno23 is a great designer. Playlist got a 5/5 from me. My only complaint while playing Normal mode was thinking how in the heck am I going to play these on Insane?!?!, lol. Insane A++ actually isn't that bad if you're willing to put a little time into it. Boom is my favorite prisoner so far.
  14. Isn't there one gem which is impossible to get without dying? It's possible to get A++s on all levels in Insane mode. Lemmee guess... you're talking about the one in the bottom left corner next to the stack of hot coal blocks surrounded by spikes on the bottom and right on the green and tan level? If this is the one, notice what happens when you hit the side of hot coals - even when you're falling down, you bounce up. Fall while holding left from the top rung and right when you skim the top of the gem you can hit the side of the coals. After hitting the side of the coals, double jump quickly prior to hitting the spikes on the right in time and high enough. It's definitely a kick to the sack, but it's possible. I practiced in Normal mode for about 30 minutes before going back to Insane and finally getting it.
  15. Logged back on to Furbottom's Features. Grimporeum was removed and Wacky World was featured. Wacky World had some well designed and thought out levels. Gave it a 4.5. Difficulty was moderate, which was kind of a relief from the easy ones that have been features lately, but would prefer to see more like Grimporeum in the future.