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  1. You can get back your alien hominid and cc heads by getting a achevmeant on another account then tradeing with your account p.s does not need to be a Xbox live account
  2. I need Winston I got lots of gems to trade
  3. I got donut thanks to donut day just need Winston
  4. Does eney one know his birthday cuz they might reales the star head again
  5. Can I please have Winston my gamer tag is horsley117 thanks
  6. Is it the 9th on what cuntreys I'm in australia
  7. I'm looking for Winston or donut heads I will pay heaps for it or trade you cc or alien hominid heads my gamer tag is horsley117
  8. What is this gift shop grand re opening thing on the 9th of June p.s mr star I still need Winston and donut pls gamer tag is horsley117
  9. Can u get me donut and Winston pls my gamer tag is horsley117 send me a messige and can we set a time thanks
  10. I need Winston I'm offering alien hominid head and 1000 gems for it my gamer tag is horsley117
  11. Messige me on Xbox for tradeing gamer tag is horsley117 I need Winston and doughnut
  12. Some one shuld make a topic just for gearl trading or heaven make a trading game mode in the game