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  1. gamerguy

    Xbox Insane Mode

    I am up for it but I only have 2 or 3 white skills I used to have more and one gold skull but I got hacked A few months ago so this will be my first gold skull (again)
  2. I'll play but I only have the starter pack and I'll be avaliable this week since it is my spring break
  3. Yeah I guess you're right on that one but if you count the entire Irken Empire they took over almost an entire galaxy, true..
  4. im actually not that rich i dont have either of the phones. i just get lucky
  5. the alien may take a one shot kill but IZ cant even take over the city while alien was still able to take on the russians, fbi, and area 51 soldiers and still get away with his ship. so alien...
  6. i think they could probably get some of their future games on next gen consoles. like the ps4 or xbox 720 because mabye after 7 months to about around 2 years after they release im positive that almost everyone will have those consoles instead of the ps3 or xbox 360. (which will be low price consoles after the release of the xbox 720 and ps4.)
  7. lose my second best friend(he is kinda a jerk to everyone of my friends anyway) would you rather survive a zombie apocolypse or take on the world ending in natural disasters??
  8. yeah im still here i will be playing this soon again
  9. tell yojr holiday stories here. they can be stories from any holiday I will start off Thanksgiving 2010 it was also my oldest aunts birthdag and everyone spent money to buy her an electronic cigeritte. (sorry i forgot how to spell that.) She then gets very mad and a big fight begins. everyone found out about a lot of my moms past and she didnt want everyone to know. lets just say it ended where leaving but nope more fighting dont you just love it when this happens almost every year oh and birthdays count for this thread
  10. anyone want to play this game with me my gamertag is right here.