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  1. Guys need some help! Updated to windows 8 on my laptop (bad idea, I know but I was young and delusional ;p) and now my machine doesn't seem to register the ATI Radeon 6770M Graphics card other than if I force it to use that in bios. Before in windows 7 it used "switchable graphics" which worked fine, could select whether I wanted to run intel on board or the GPU. I can still supposedly do that in Win 8 but when I run dxdiag I get nothing but intel and the most games that use direct x seem to not display, but if I force through bios all is fine with the world. Any suggestions? And before you ask yes I have the latest win 8 catalyst center thingy as well as what I believe is the latest bios and chipset for my machine.
  2. Ball game isn't so great when you're playing with people who have only just started playing... I still like it though