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  1. Lululululululululululululu!

    1. yugo657


      It is permanent

    2. cotacool


      memor pls accept steam request

    3. Memor


      Sorry, what was your name? I tend to ignore people with names I don't recognize.

  2. Memor


    I used to watch Smosh. Over time, they got less funny, gradually, so I unsubbed. They may have gotten better since, I don't know. Furthermore... ...they're overrated. It was gonna have to be said at some point. Don't get me wrong, their content is good, but not that good.
  3. Memor

    You're banned!

    Banned for having an awesome picture!
  4. Eggie Level 0 - 0 Posts Hatchling Level 1 - 5 Posts Hatchling Level 2 - 10 Posts Hatchling Level 3 - 20 Posts Hatchling Level 4 - 50 Posts Hatchling Level 5 - 75 Posts Chicken Lover Level 1 - 100 Posts Chicken Lover Level 2 - 200 Posts Chicken Lover Level 3 - 300 Posts Chicken Lover Level 4 - 400 Posts Chicken Lover Level 5 - 500 Posts Elder Chicken Level 1 - 750 Posts Elder Chicken Level 2 - 1000 Posts Elder Chicken Level 3 - 1500 Posts Elder Chicken Level 4 - 2000 Posts Elder Chicken Level 5 - 2500 Posts There's other special ranks like Mod ranks, Behemoth dev ranks, Dan P's rank, Ultra Member!!!!!, and Koen's rank (castlepedia thingy). Also move to Birds of a Feather, maybe?
  5. Is this the beginning of a new era?
  6. The Forgotten Knight, since you seem to be back on the forum for now, will you be updating this guide again?
  7. Memor

    You're banned!

    Banned for being someone I look up to.
  8. Memor

    You're banned!

    Banned for making fun of him.
  9. Sure thing, but it'll cost you just as much to get equipment to prepare for a robbery. I wish I had the technology.
  10. Memor

    Behemoth Rpg

    This didn't last too long.
  11. VVVVVV (I may have already said that one, not sure...)
  12. Memor

    Word World

    Woop de doo. danger
  13. Your signature is lime green.
  14. Dropped ~The Scariest Mod Alive~ Your Pocket comes out of the screen and purges you from your home with his sexy accent. You try to flirt with a girl you like without realizing they are actually your mother...
  15. Memor

    You're banned!

    Banned for existing.
  16. Screamers Woodlice Heartbreak (namely being dumped)