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  1. Great, fun feature to get my very last star head. I'd like to thank the battle block community for keeping this game going for me with all the wonderful maps. I never been a part of a forum community before, but battle block theatre has become one of my favourite video game of all time. I will continue to play the playlists from this excellent game. Thank you everyone for the support and great times. It is my hope that one day it gets ported to the playstation vita so I can play this wonderful game on the go. I'd love it to at least visit steam or playstation formats so other gamers can experience the wonderfulness that is Combat Cube Cinema!... Oh, did I get that right?
  2. These maps were some of my favourite co-op created maps to date... Until of course you got to the last two maps before the boss levels. While they lead to some challenging situations, the puzzle blocks with over 5 in a sequence is just annoying and cruel. There was a reason you never saw more than 3 in the main game.
  3. Just played this feature. My god, just when I think this game doesn't have any more tricks, I get surprised again and again. Fantastic playlist. Might be a little on the hard side, but it gives people a nice challenge. I don't see anyone getting A++ on Insanity but I could be wrong.
  4. Had to vote BBT for every category. I have never played a game that has fitted so well to my tastes of video games. Long live local co-op.
  5. This is one wonderful playlist. So many really cool puzzles. Loved it.
  6. Love 8 Bitten's playlists. Look forward for more to come.
  7. Wanted to write a more in depth review. But I'm afraid I'll just be repeating myself. Love it. A+++ Lots of new kinds of puzzles that I have not seen before - and that's what I like best about it.
  8. Played these games. Very fun ball games. Only complaint is the one with the beams had a little too much death for ether team to score. Hope everyone has fun at PAX
  9. Just played the solo campaign. It had it's charm and there were a few puzzles that surprised me. I really liked how the floating block protected you from the beams. There were a lot of annoyances however. There were a lot of beam puzzles, which is usually fine, however the beams shoot off at a random time, and there was one level where the timing of the beams could trap you in the level. There were also many tricks that repeated across many levels. For example, level 4 seemed exactly the same as a previous level. And I think I did the puzzle where the beast chases you to open the switch at least 4 times. The teleport levels also seemed to repeat themselves in what you had to do. And while it didn't affect gameplay, I didn't find many similarities to mine craft despite the name of the maps. Lastly the encore levels seemed as those no effort was put into them. They were just simple, three gem run to the end type challenges. I know creating 15 levels is a challenged, but for something to be featured, I was hoping to find something from each level. Also, can anyone find the yarn in Encore 2? I have a feeling it's not there (as yawn can't hide in hidden blocks and I looked all around the level). Although I gave a lot of constructive criticism, I did find myself enjoying the levels. I just wish there was a bit more variety to make things more refreshing. Also, love the head. But come on Behemoth, I already sing 'buckle your pants' enough as it is.
  10. Had a chance to play the levels, and I must say I was impressed. What took me by surprise was that the levels felt different from the grimtorium. Maybe it was just the visuals, but I felt that these maps had more space. Also they did not repeat the tricks of its predecessor. There are so many cool puzzles here that I have not thought of before. Again, these maps are rather difficult. There is a lot of interesting jump puzzles here - stuff I haven't seen before, which 8Bitten seems to excel at. Maybe it was just that I played through one time with a partner, I found some of the puzzles a little on the frustrating side. Without remembering any puzzle specifically, some of the platforming ask you to do the same difficult jump twice in a row. While it adds to the difficulty, maybe some of the jumps can be a little easier the first time and gets harder with repeats. I loved these maps and I can't wait to see them finished. A little polish to make the jumps more accessible but retain the same difficulty would add to all the cool ideas.
  11. The co-op maps this week's feature was absolutely amazing. There was a big emphasis on teamwork and puzzles, and I saw a lot of tricks I had not seen before. There were so many clever trick in these maps I really recommend that people find a friend and give it a shot.
  12. Just finished the solo challenge. Simple jump platforming. I found the levels to be a little on the bland side, being too easy and repetitive. I liked how the secret blocks where pointed out, but I managed to find all the gems the first time without any difficulty. Loved the snail head this week!
  13. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Battleblock Theatre is proud to present… Bleak and White Playlist: Bleak and White Type: Solo Adventure Gamertag: ADAMATRON This is a tale of a bleak and unforgiving world that has lost its colour. That’s right, everything is black and white (thus the fancy title of this play). It is up to you, the actors, to brave the challenges and escape this dark and depressing place. You might feel a little cramped there is very little room on stage. To force the feeling of constriction and loneness to the audience, each level has been prepared with the smallest possible stage (15x10). There are many dangers and trials on your journey, so be prepared for your inevitable demise. But fear not! A packed stage means you will never be stuck doing the same thing for long. So as you quickly hurdle back into the action, remember there is an audience watching you! Make your deaths memorable people. So please enjoy the platforming and puzzles to discover if there is any escape from this darkness. Yours Sincerely, Combat Cube Cinema Productions Please let me know what you think of my playlist. I spent a lot of time on it (as I’m sure we all have). I have tried to make each level challenging, without being too frustrating. As I suggested, any difficulty is countered with the levels being quite short. I’ve made sure Insanity playthroughs are possible, so give it a chance if you are up for the test. Thank you Battleblock theatre community, and happy playing.
  14. Going to be honest, I gave it a good try but I didn't have the patience to beat it. There is a fine line between challenging-hard and frustrating-hard. For example, games like super meat boy are very difficult, but the instant respawn makes you want to keep going. In your first level however, the very first challenge involves waiting for one of those floating blocks. Because there is a lot of chances to die along the way, if you do die, there is a very long wait until the block returns - making for a very frustrating wait. The second map relined on -very- precise jumping, which is fine. It took me at least 10 tries to make the first jump (which was rewarding), but it was immediately followed by a second very difficult jump. It's okay to create a challenge, but as I rule I like maps with only one really difficult part before dying, or I get very frustrated. It's at this point where I gave up. I didn't give the maps a star rating because it's not fair that I didn't play all the maps. I saw some things I liked in these levels, but the frustrating parts didn't make me want to explore. Next time, keep things hard, but also look for things that might frustrate a player. The quicker the player can get back to the action, the more likely they will keep on trying. Reward the player for completing obstacles (in this game, a checkpoint or a gem), without making the next challenge seem impossible. Just my opinion but good luck!