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  1. O.... let's see I would just like someone with a short fuse and bad temper to add to my collection. If I lose o well congratulations to who ever wins you deserved it enjoy your new cat like thing or your new fantastic exploding head
  2. The feature for buckle your pants head feature is not working for me and says its this feature is unlivable at this time.
  3. I would enjoy getting Winston or Furbottom if you still have them they are the current heads im missing. So thanks Fossa if nots thats ok GT: LittleDumbs
  4. I knew FF existed as soon as of 2 days I got the game I got BBT when they released the behemoth chicken a second time and I was lucky I got the chicken head and on the last day you could get it. So figuring out what furbottom features was It turned out I Missed those 2 heads.
  5. Greetings I am looking for heads I missed out on for the start of the game those heads Winston and Furbottom I might just wait till national dog day to see what the behemoth does I do not take gems or yarn Im only accepting these 2 heads heres what I got to trade... Moose Boot 50% off prisoner 25% off prisoner Siren Duckshark Sausage Steamroll victim #1 Gerard Wheels Manbirth For those 2 heads I will be willing to trade 3 heads for 1 of the 2 listed so offer if ya have them if not im still searching cya!
  6. This is a pretty good week I like how many heads we are getting now that we got a 50% off head do you think we will just have a 75% off head that is just a bone that would be kinda cool the moose I like and the boot was predicted which is strange.
  7. So i was playing the lovely BBT tonight for a local ball game to have some fun but sadly these bad gentlemen tried to take my Lava Lamp star head So as a thanks i will leave their gamertags hear if you see them in a game just leave... some gamers who claimed in a party chat that they can ''duplicate heads'' just be smart with your trades people if they say they can clone they probably cant if they can then those people just ruin the game so I sent them some Strong msgs how I felt about what these kind of people do the point is try to stick to the game and be smart if you scam your scum
  8. I would like Winston more and thank you
  9. I would be willing to Spare Tiny Monkey for Winston (most wanted) if you could or Furbottom they are the 2 heads that I need left My GT: LittleDumbs
  10. Just got both i love em Flat Face (aka steamroller victim #1) the criminal stirkes again and the all seeing gerard
  11. I will be willing to trade for chicken head
  12. I am trading Donuts Manbirth And Castle Crashers head for ones im missing I dont need gems so I will not accept them you will have to give me the head first then ill give you what ever we we are trading for so I wont get scammed I am missing , Winston,Furbottom so offer away I guess and if no offers o well moving on GT: Littledumbs Traded Lava lamp for Toast
  13. co-op is down for me to it says please try later every time for the co-op feature for this weeks playlist to get the monkey but i did infact get him earlier just hope its fixed by next playlist