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  1. DHF2

    Weapons trading

    I only need these now : Rubber-Handle Sword Golden Claws 2x4 Cardboard Tube I have everything else to trade for them
  2. DHF2

    Weapons trading

    Ok thank you I found it! Still needs everything else tho
  3. DHF2

    Weapons trading

    I am willing to trade my weapons for the one I still need : Rubber-Handle Sword Golden Claws 2x4 Cardboard Tube I have every other weapons to trade! Thank you MY GT : Mastapiece14 Please add to trade
  4. Wait, how were they? The only thing difference I notice so far is that foes only get pushed back left when hit with a charge shot, which I find more annoying than useful. It was already that way. I main the autogun serie and I havent noticed any damage difference, but well. I have 10+ invites by the way, just pm for one.
  5. DHF2

    Dead island.

    This trailer is awesome
  6. I may be wrong but some sets really sees to suck compared to others. The cobalt set really seems to be weak. The heavy cobalt (3*) set have the same Normal defense than any other set at 2*, even if the cobalt set if supposed to be good for normal def. Are there set that are better than others? Or is this set weaker because the recipes are sold in Haven directly?
  7. Lol I know, that's why I need the recipe. I don't have any tradable energy anyway, I don't pay for it.
  8. I'm fully 3 stars geared now, except for my weapon. I can't find a decend 3 stars sword recipe. I only have the cutter, so it would be great to find the striker recipe lol.
  9. 19 Guitar Hero games in 5 years to be exact, that's a lot xD Of course this is sad for all these people though..
  10. You have to click on an alchemy stand. You can just click on your recipes.
  11. Ok thanks, I was wondering if there was a gate better than another.
  12. I'll try that later today. Anyway, stupid question; what's the main difference between every gates? I saw some of them had special levels like the arena ones, but other than that they seem to be almost the same except that the first gate to the left is 30' deep, etc.
  13. You get tokens just by completing floors. So you have to beat 15 tier 1 floors to be able to get to tier 2. Can you see how many of them you have? E: And anyone know where I could find Iron Gears? I need 2 for my helmet, armor and gun. Then I'll probably be Tier 2
  14. I only went to 8' deep and couldnt continue because i'm not T2. I don't know how to get the 15 tokens, but I would have all 2 stars gear if I had some Iron gear, I just can't find any lol.