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  1. So i am selling some special star head characters i have. cc(castle crashers) ah(alien hominid) purrham furrbottom. cat control. rose. the lava lamp. and the behemoth chicken head. they are for more than 600 gems each.
  2. well some people have like thousands of gems so like a few hundred isnt a suprise
  3. Could you lend me like 3,000 gems plz im trying to save up to unlock all the prisoners. my gamertag is icanhaschezbugr. i am in eastern time
  4. Ill give it to you for about 50,000 gems. my gamertag is icanhaschezbugr
  5. I am selling star head characters i am selling the following. purrham furbottom. cat control. the lava lamp guy. and the behemoth chicken. they are going for 1,000 gems each. my gamertag is icanhaschezburger. i am saving up so i can get all prisoners
  6. i got 31 yarn and im hoping for like 40 gems cuz im saving up for the unlock all prisoners acheivment. my gamertag is icanhaschezbugr
  7. Can i get winston ah, and doughnut. thanks
  8. Hello. i have 4 star heads for sale for 1,000 gems each i have the following. Purrham furbottom, Cat control. the lava lamp. and the behemoth chicken. purrham though is worth 1,500 gems because he is pretty rare and awsome. my gamertag is icanhaschezbugr. i am available alot cuz its summer so set up a date and time
  9. I'm watching you, new guy

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      You like Kerero ( or however you say that )???!!!